*Pioneer to Release New Groundbreaking Controller NAMM 2024!

With Pioneer Dj’s success with the OPUS-QUAD comes their newest “groundbreaking” 2024 dj controller. :joy:


Perfect. Gonna have to break into my Son’s saving to get me one of these.

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Meanwhile, the actual product is a prime go knockoff.

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Yes, Exactly!

The Omni-Duo under their new AlphaTheta name… No interest at all. lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Funny, but it’s not as if Denon DJ has given users on-screen customization or the ability to lock out sync or anything else. Other than the dis on the Opus’ looks, kind of the pot calling the kettle black.

I’m quite curious to see if the product name will actually be “Alpha Teta DJ Omnis Duo”…

It does not have a screen, the prime go has been out for nearly four years now, pioneer has had all this time and that was the best they could do? Yes the jog wheels are bigger and the mixer appears to be in the club layout but thats about it. Prime sells for around £900 so this Omnis thing will probably be £1200-1400

It is Alpha Theta Omnis duo. That name was in certification documents.

First two reviews from the usual sources.


Double the price of the Mixstream Pro Go, christ.


Onboard Spotify audio ripper over Bluetooth. … … … Also uesable for your Youtube music.

The cache for Bluetooth sources is pretty good.

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From what I’ve seen in the videos, the only thing that would be really cool for a next-gen Prime Go is the USB-power.

Also, using the physical VU-meters for the channels and then having a master-meter on the screen is actually quite cool - hopefully something that could be done with a software update :blush:

But crazy that they still don’t offer streaming over wifi…


A “bargain” at €1599 in my country…


At least they are keeping up with the long established trend of “think of a sensible price then add on 60%, and thats what it’ll be”


Mic settings would also be nice for the next-gen Prime Go!

Happy day for Denon I believe :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Gosh, that thing is ugly. Zero LED indication on those jogs. Tiny play/cue/performance buttons. And that price! Hard pass.

Their fansheep still gonna buy it like stupid, see Opus Quad.


The mic effects part is about the only decent thing i saw that we don’t have.

AlphaTheta is like Pioneer‘s lack-of-features and ridiculous pricing combined on steroids, but to bring further insult for their clubstandard fanboys, they slammed this incredible fisher-price design on top.

Oh, and it‘s also 1600€ here in Germany, lol