Pioneer DJM-S11 (probably!)

Pioneer DJ is teasing their new battle mixer:

Gasps! They’ve mentioned something new before it’s available to buy! Just like denon do.

Pioneer must be so embarrassed by the disastrous way that their cdj3000 got received that they’re trying to get people to say “never mind how bad the cdj3000 is, have a look at our new “2 channel - 100 buttons baffle mixer” (f’s intended)

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At least it’ll be in stores on october 15 and not “Q2 2021” like Denon usually does :wink:

Pioneer have changed a lot in the last couple of years. It’s just different that they haven’t just gone BAM, here’s something we haven’t told you about before and if you ask your dealer to look behind his pile of DMX lights, he’ll find two of these right now available.

It’s different for puoneer to release a really dreadful piece of overpriced equipment (they’re usually releasing reasonable overpriced equipment) but they’ve hit both targets (dreadful and overpriced) with the cdj 3000

It’s probably for the rane 12mk2. It has switchable USB hub

The first leak is here:

What’s it gonna be then? £3000? :rofl:

I think they will keep it below $2000, probably $1999.

$2399 usd just because.

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Is this another pioneer thing that will be a decade old when it comes out of the sealed box?

Cjd3000 users can rejoice that a new pioneer mixer is coming out where they actually haves real hot cue buttons for mashing. Will it link with the 3000s though? The s9 didn’t.

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That screen is smaller than the touchpad on the djm909. I really hope that’s just a prototype.

Unlikely at this point. The CDJ leaks proved accurate so I’m inclined to believe this one.

Looks like they coming out guns blazing


I wouldn’t categorise it as “guns blazing”… More like playing catch up to the Rane series.

I’ll reserve complete judgment until we see the feature list but nothing immediately screams “innovation” here.


Oooh, a 909 faceplate…now that brings back the memories!!


And we have lift off

2 USBs on the back for SC6000M, Rane 12 :blush:

Im not sure there’s a point of making a hyper expensive 2 channel “battle” mixer, when battle mixing usually just means scratching, and the cliche scratcher is after a whole setup for € 500 or less and wrecks everything they touch in an hour.

But, there must be a market, else such products wouldn’t happen. Unless pioneer are just copying rane and not bothering with any market research.

Some people will just buy it for the bragging rights, as it’s made by Pioneer, which gives them the chance to say “Look at my mixer. I paid £1800 for it”. :laughing:


Copy Rane.

I believe the DJM 909 had screens on a battle mixer first.

The vestax had the FX paddles first.

The S9 had performance first.

So perhaps Rane copied.

Im getting one soon as it arrives at the local shop. Will retire my S9 which has served me for 5 years. I bought the 72 which i had to return.

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