Pioneer CDJ Nexus 3/XDJ 2000

Well apparently Pioneer is up to something with a new CDJ/XDJ

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Typical pioneer rubbish advert

Probably a car radio


It looks mostly unchanged from the few glimpses I could see, except the screen had their “new” 3 colour waveform. Maybe a new center jog screen like on their controllers as well.

It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve managed to come up with.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I don’t know the Pioneers very well since the CDJ-500, but I would’ve expected a Marvel kind of teaser generating more ooo and aaa.

This can’t be it right? I mean, this teaser looks like a CDJ-2000nxs3, but it misses the “one more thing” vibe XDJ-3000 copy of the SC6000.

Low-quality video of course, but If they tried to show pressing CUE and PLAY to stress-test those buttons, the machine should really press it.

Some here may remember the Dawn Of A New Species promotions that Pioneer did in 2009.

Denon already had the HS5500, and I was hoping for a HS6000 from Pioneer.

It all sounded fantastic, but when the reveal finally came, it was a bit of an anticlimax. More of a “oh, is that all it is?” feeling than anything amazing.

More details here:

Of course a speculation

Reddit user stated: Pioneer BDJ-V10 with 10" Touchscreen. 10" Jogwheel. Blu Ray/SACD Drive with HFPA. RekordBox 6 and Wifi

I’m stepping of this rumor train…

I know, it looks funny :grin: :joy:

And this pioneer hint , which could simply be fan-created was mentioned on the same day that Prime announced Flexigrids and Dropbox functionality coming to Prime

Interesting timing that :smile:

It probably is just a coincidence - it takes time to shoot and edit a marketing video. Not to mention it’s the holiday season coming up so they are likely to announce something before the time that Winter NAAM would have happened anyway.

You see this get thrown around all the time when competing companies announce/release things close together and I don’t really get it - a lot of companies follow similar release schedules based on customer trends.

The Pioneers right out of the gate pretty reliably didn’t care if your MP3s were VBR, you could set hot cues even if your hand was stopping the track and triggering vinyl mode, there was no scratch drift, and they had 24bit track compatibility, Rekordbox, real Ethernet Link (not master slave nonsense), track-off-load over Ethernet using Link from Rekordbox, no limit to the number of tracks on a drive that could be seen on the drive or over Link, great MIDI/HID support, and a host of other stuff the 5500 fell short of. The 5500 had dual layers and a vinyl platter, but the latter never really worked perfectly. The 5500 was NEVER reliable HID or MIDI for any software, let alone carefree to the point you could switch between USB drive or CDs, Link, Rekordbox Link, and HID on-the-fly during a set. That’s why the CDJ Link-capable stuff became the industry standard media players and Denon did not. Denon’s big achievement during that period was their flagship mixer, but with most people buying the Pioneer players they usually wanted the matching mixer, too.

Where were the above videos sourced from?

By the way, Pioneer DJ doesn’t even need new player hardware. A few firmware tweaks on all their Link-capable units would put them in a much better position to compete with InMusic if they were willing, but they’re a pretty arrogant bunch over there resting on their laurels and convinced that how they’ve done it since 2009 is the only way anyone ‘worthy’ wants it done. If they’d already made these changes, myself and quite a few people I know wouldn’t even be bothering with Prime.

Better make sure we get plenty of cue button and platter testing in the video, lads. Need to justify that hefty price tag to the plebs…


I believe pioneer might of incorporated haptic jogs. I say this because it is a much needed evolution for jogs.

Other than that the rest will be a 6000 series knockoff with a pioneer layout and shell.

Can’t wait to see how much coin will be asked for to get it.

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Too much, as usually…

Found this leaked picture on Reddit:

According to this picture it will be called CDJ-3000, so still support for playing CDs? Looks like a very minor upgrade over the CDJ-2000NXS2. I do not like the placement of the hot-cues. Also looks like there is no second layer option. The screen is bigger but it still looks like similar software as the previous players, so probably no multi-touch.

Honestly, this is what I expected. They are just giving you a slight upgrade over the previous model, so you would feel instantly at “home” when coming from previous Pioneer products. For their type of market they just need something that feels similar because something new and different would confuse their userbase and would require some “training” to get used to the product.

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I don’t think pioneers head, heart or backers are really in it anymore. I think that pioneer are hoping that people will say “Theres a new pioneer out!” and will blindly buy it without realising that it’s just a nexus2000 with a few firmware adjusts. The sort of adjusts that denon would have added free in firmware.


At least they added key shift.

As far as features go, I guess they will be little between the Primes and the Nexus devices but the prices will be the usual Pioneer DJ tax.

I feel there will be few innovations or “never seen before” features in these. Most will be bringing like-for-like to a level where they run close to the Primes. Definitely an incremental increase and nothing where it leaves DJs out of their comfort zone.

It’s not to say that these will be bad, only that we’re at a point now where we are left open-mouthed a lot less than we was before due to the amazingly good Prime series. We’ve been spoiled!

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Trusting bunch aren’t they … they’d got a security wire on the USB stick. :eyes: and this must have been at a trade pre-launch invite-only sort of preview day

Interesting what the Roland Business cards are doing in the picture… come on Denon get your MIDI signalling and video V400 / V800 (orcwhatrver those Roland video mixers were called) workarounds in order quick

I still have this “oh and one more thing” feeling, but people around me say that this is all there is.

The problem is their install base. Rental companies will simply renew/upgrade to this. Even after 5 years.

But DenonDJ is not done yet… :relieved: