Pioneer CDJ Nexus 3/XDJ 2000

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Like I said in the other post (just delete it by the way :slight_smile:), if this is all they bring to the table, Denon have nothing to worry about. :muscle:

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Here’s re-upload of the new cdj. Looks very old already and screen is very poor quality. No innovation in terms of look and the pads are small and in not easy to access way. On Prime series it is easy to do some finger drumming and really fast jumps over hot cues plus all the pad modes… here is no innovation…


I’m going to guess these have streaming built in but that is only a guess.

To the left of the track title “You’re” I thought I saw a little “7” that looks like the “7 Digital” logo.

Now they don’t have a streaming service like the others but could be something being tested for future use.

As Reece said, these things will hit the rental market but I guess getting a club or bar to upgrade will be a challenge. There is little to no money in this industry at the moment and feel it is a bad time to launch a high priced product. Denon DJ have hit that sweet spot with price but feel Pio may have to wait a fair while before they get any real return on these. Then again.

Rick Parkinson left and as he knew their roadmap I guess that he felt the innovation was not where we should be in 2020.

Denon DJ is in the fortunate position of giving us key people from Pioneer DJ hardware and Serato software. These people have been the top of their game and this is why I will put 100% faith in Denon DJ and their future.

Also, what I love about Denon DJ is that the influencers who really matter are big cheerleaders and not because they are paid to be but because they actually believe in the technology and enjoy using it.

Mark Settle from DJ Worx openly cheerleads Denon DJ and only because he enjoys the products. His positivity has always shone through and the same goes for Mojaxx who is rarely without his Prime Series in videos. Cleveland Terry and Phil Morse from DigitalDJTips too. These people are massively influential yet use them because they prefer them. The Prime Go was a “wow” moment for many and even people who have never considered Denon DJ had their head turned.

With new features coming every few months, the Prime series are showing their worth ten times over. I think Pioneer DJ products are great but we are now in an era where software updates and new features are constantly added to our phones, MacBooks and even cars and Denon DJ has tapped into this perfectly and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

When companies get it wrong we could hold them to account and explain why we are angry and when they get it right the praise should be piled on and championed. I feel Pioneer DJ are riding on the power of the brand and even the Rekordbox 6 debacle died down soon after.

They really cannot to put a foot wrong, even when they do turn up the greed level as the power of rental and club installs will keep them in the top spot for a long time to come.


It has now been deleted from imgur so these shots on here are the only ones I can find.

Seems like someone has had their wrists slapped.

Maybe just a copyright claim and imgur took it down. I bet it has been saved on plenty hard drives in the meantime :grinning:

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Official Pioneer news is/was planned for this week, but the internet always catches up.

For me it’s like you said. The SC5000’s are still evolving after 3 years. And the SC6000’s are simply next-gen. Can’t say that for this Pioneer.

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Thank you! I have updated my original post :slight_smile:

That’s interesting.

The placement of the hot cue buttons is quite puzzling as it’s much easier to accidentally nudge/press the jog wheel in that position.

I also wonder if they will use basically the same low refresh rate screen technology of the Nexus 2’s. It doesn’t look like they’ve changed the firmware all that much so the underlying SOC is also probably the same.

Given the jogs in their controllers I fully expected the same screen in this one so no surprises there.

Lots of cost cutting measures so I could potentially see this coming in at the same price as the primes, if Pioneer were willing to forego their usual tax.

The apparent lack of a layer switch button is also a bit odd, but then this would require more firmware work and definitely a newer SOC with more power so maybe on balance not so odd.

Overall very underwhelming for 2020.

As I said, QA and reliability first is certainly good, but this is unnecessary and they can mostly reach parity with most of Prime with just a few small firmware changes to eliminate a nagging quirk of the line and add two features. That pic also looks photoshopped to me, and the layout and button choices look like a copy-paste job… though aspects of the V10 sitting next to it certainly also have those traits. What’s the pedigree of the Reddit pic?

Yet the greedy contentment of pioneer means that they won’t benefit their existing owners and users by giving new features by way of a simple firmware upgrade. They get a few new bits of code and push it out as a whole new model. Such tricks also resets their “our flagship is only n years old” counter back to zero.

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I am also HIGHLY confident that at least the nagging quirk on the line will not be eliminated or made optional in settings even on a new model, even though I’ve determined it’s 100% a firmware trait and not hardware. They’re the only company that does it, it’s gone the moment you use their players or controllers with DJ software, no one asked for it, it’s totally firmware, and yet Pioneer persists in adding that trait to every jog wheel product of theirs they have because that’s just how they do it out of purely inertia. If that’s not practically the definition of pig-headedness, then I don’t know what is. Now, the two added features… if there is indeed a new player, then those might be present, even though those also don’t need new hardware to easily accomplish them.

Feel this could have been planned by Pioneer to lower peoples expectations, so when they do finally show off a slightly better model people will be happy

After 5 years? Weird marketing strategy, but could be.

I think that the problem with Pioneer is the fact that their player software is showing its age. They have to program for such an archaic chipset with “no” underlying operating system. This is limiting their way to switch to off the shelf parts.

They should start from the ground up, rewriting the system on top of existing technologies like Linux.

Just look at Denon here, they don’t have to spend time & money developing custom wifi software, they are just using Linux stuff under the hood (if my guess is right)

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I don’t think that’s a limiting factor so much unless by enticing improvements you mean fancier moving waveforms and more hot cue buttons. Literally one software design choice oddity and two little additional features that require no additional processing throughput or new code architecture would give them a massive increase in acceptability to a wider range of users and make it much harder for Prime to dissuade people from the reliability and QA consistency of Pioneer DJ. Will they do this, though, especially when it doesn’t require new hardware necessarily and could be implemented from the CDJ-900 all the way to this CDJ-3000?

Interesting :thinking: definitely makes sense and adds to a number of inertial factors that imo keep pioneer from being able to change in the way they may need to prevent disruption.

Others being: interface inertia (CDJ UX is showing its age but can’t make a large switch without alienating base), costing inertia (can’t easily change costing strategy without potentially alienating lots of customers), business unit inertia (CDJs have been a powerhouse for pio — taking risks will be hard for them, even as controller-taught DJs are coming up looking for a similar experience in the booth).

Here’s a another picture:

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1988 called

They want their deck back


Well that kinda confirms the first leak is true…

I really don’t like the size & placement of the hot cues. They are probably hard plastic like the NXS2.