Philips Hue Lighting bridge is connected but lights aren't changing or responding

Go into the settings mode in Engine Lighting

Press stop :stop_sign:


Then Press Start

@mufasa easy enough. Let me give that a try

I’m happy to report that the 2.0.1 update resolved my issue with the hue lights.

I now have blinken lights!

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Hey Ryan, U know how to have a fixed color and % brighness? Without flashing or fading out? I don’t find how to choose an RGB color and leave always on.

Think this is a basic functionality any light system should have.

A color override does lock the color, but not the other parameters (intensity).

You can probably just set a single color at a given intensity using a “Static Look”. That probably requires the full version of SoundSwitch.

I think that’s a big problem with SoundSwitch. Even the main desktop software doesn’t have a proper manual. I bought the dongle and am currently on the trial period, but with nothing to tell me what all the menu options do, I’m lost.

In the Prime 4/2/Go manual, there’s a very brief description and then it just tells you to visit the SoundSwitch web site - which doesn’t help as there’s no full manual there either.

I mentioned the lack of manual here in another thread a few weeks ago, and was told it’s coming, or they’re working on it…

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The lack of manual is a big problem as you say. I was thinking to buy the dongle… but I’m not sure.

I would try the software before buy, but no option to download even a demo/limited version… only create an account and put your credit card information to get a free month trial. Don’t understand why I have to put my credit card information to get a trial. Would be better if I can try the software and pay after trial if a want to use it. I send an email one week ago with some questions, never get response from Soundswitch.

Let me ask u, how works the trial? Any options to cancel subscription in a easy way?

On the SoundSwitch web site, when you have an account, under the section ‘Orders’ your subscription is shown. Next to it, there is an auto renew on/off switch.

So you could set up an account, give your card details and then once you have the software for trial, turn off the auto renew switch.

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I give it a try… and share with you my learnings :slightly_smiling_face:

thank u man !!

When I messaged them they responded within 24 hour. Maybe message them again.

I’ve updated to 2.01 I can get the lights to respond on the test layout page when I press each one individually. However the only action I can seem to activate it the manual strobe. Other than that nothing else working. I’ve pressed EVERYTHING!

I have 2 x SC5000M both fully updated to 2.01

I’d love to get the Hue lights working - I’ve got about 30 of the freaking things dotted around my Dj set up area at home.

Fingers crossed another patch comes soon.

Adam :pray:

what type of mixer?

I have a Condesa Carmen analog rotary mixer. I was under the impression that having a Demon or other digital mixer wasn’t a pre-requisite to gaining some form of functionality

It’s a prerequisite

It works only with X1800/1850

How is the deck meant to know fader position with your condesa

I didn’t know. That’s disappointing. Not exactly beyond the realms is it to imagine the sc5000 could run the lights? That’s where the processor sits. I’d be quite happy even if the players could just run some basic loop patterns on the hue and draw the bpm off the track that was playing.


Or better said this way: you can have 4 layers playing from 2 players, all unsynced - the software cannot know what is going live on master and what is being cued without the mixer.

Yes, you enable the lighting on the player but the mixer is the key here.

That is no better than setting your Hue lights to listen to the music coming from your speakers. And that is what I would do if I were you.

you can still use the desktop version with ableton link (in performance mode)

What does the “Hue” feature do when you select that on Basic Mode? Strobe, Black Out, etc are pretty self explanatory. Thanks!

you can use it dial in the color you want.