Philips Hue Lighting bridge is connected but lights aren't changing or responding

I managed to get mine fully working as previously I had a movie entertainment set up and I needed to set up a music entertainment area. All works now as should as moves to music and responds to upfaders and cross fader. :v:

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I too have now got this working with one entertainment zone… It has been a bit temperamental with regards to initial set up but once working has been fine. I do want to add more zones and hope an update can fix any bugs. Thanks

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just wanted to chime in with my experience.

I too was having issue with Engine Lighting Philips Hue. I tried it with a prime go and 3 other SC5000’s. I could connect all the devices to the Philips Bridge and select the entertainment zone but the lights would not respond. I tried wifi and ethernet with no difference or improvement. I delete and added the bridge, rebooted all devices multiple times.

I noticed that if I hit the back button enough times in the Philips Hue tab, it would get to the “Add Bridge” page but would be missing the Bridge I had just added. After I rebooted and went add the bridge again, it did show the bridge but it said “not connected” along with the option to add another bridge below that.

I kept clearing the bridge settings and re-adding the bridge and every time it would connect to the bridge, show me the entertainment zones and lights but still have no control over the lights.

I cleared out all of the entertainment zones and rebooted my bridge.

this last time, I rebooted the Prime Go again. went to the lighting page and instead of clearing the bridge settings, I tapped on the disconnected bridge. as soon as I did that, all the lights reacted!

I rebooted the Prime Go again, loaded the lighting tab and selected the disconnected bridge once more. again the lights were reacting!

I added another entertainment zone in the philips iPhone app. the zone showed up in the Go lighting settings.

I rebooted one last time and selected the disconnected bridge once again when prompted if I wanted to connect Philips Hue lights and SUCCESS!

the current build definitely appears to be buggy. the initial bridge setup doesn’t work for a lot of us. it was only after rebooting and selecting the disconnected bridge I was able to get it connected. is it suppose to ask if you want to connect to Philips Hue lights at every boot? Why doesn’t it auto connect to the saved bridge?

anyways, I hope this is helpful someone else. let me know if you would like me to try any other trouble shooting.


after some more testing, I’m still getting very inconsistent behavior. these are the steps I’ve done to mostly get this to work on my Prime Go:

Power on Load profile Load a track to a deck Turn on lighting Select Basic Connect Philips Hue Select bridge Select zone tap on a light to test connection Hit Play

it seems that if I rush through these steps, it will still fail to work. I can’t really confirm yet but it feels like I need to give the system some time on the second half of that procedure. a bit too much work to make this enjoyable. hopefully they will iron out the bugs quickly.

@Matthew.W I just want to reach out about a hopeful feature regarding the Hue integration. I would love to see an option to have all of the lights on different colors, but still synced. I think, if you really take the time to make this work well, it’ll be really cool. For example, instead of using random colors, use an algorithm to pick complementary colors or tertiary colors. Or maybe an option to have lights react differently based on the eq levels of the song. i.e. one light might be more affected by higher frequencies and another light might be more affected by the bass-y kick drum. You’ve opened so many doors with this integration and I hope you continue the good work.

On a more personal note, as a software engineer, I would LOVE to have access to some sort of API that would let me integrate other devices, manipulate the built-in functions (like using a streamdeck to control the autoloops) or anything of the like. As far as I’m concerned, the Hue integration was targeted at streamers and home djs, and cohesive integration is a big deal to those crowds. Just my input. Do with it what you please.

Surely this could be a achieved using a the touchscreen on the media players? I have a custom built mixer that I have no intention of replacing, but have just purchased a significant amount of now useless hue lights. Sincerely hoping you can implement something because I’m now quite out of pocket. As you have acknowledged, this requirement is not made clear.

It’s in the FAQ:

Its possible we can add the ability to MIDI map the faders from a mixer to Engine lighting, however, this might not fix it in your case as your custom build mixer may not have MIDI output on the faders.

This would be a great solution, hope you do so. Thanks

I understand that now, but it’s mentioned nowhere on the compatible products page:

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume a lot of people would come away from looking at this page drawing the same conclusion I did.

That page is for the hardware that is supported by Engine DJ not Engine Lighting.

And as your mixer is not listed, would it not be the assumption that your hardware is NOT supported?

anyways, thats not the right place to list this information, we will have this added to the Engine Lighting page and make it clear that an X1800 or x1850 is required when using the Players with Engine lighting

I have 3 6000’s and an 1850x all updated and still have problems when I try to use more than 1 player, once I turn on an additional player my lights stop. I have tried only connecting 1 player to the bridge and connecting all three to the bridge at the same time, same result. How many of my players are supposed to be connected to the bridge so I can remove that variable from trying to get my bugs worked out?

When you open the engine lighting page on the soundswitch website and scroll down to compatible products, there the link to ‘learn more’ takes you to that page. I get that there were other places I should have looked, but I still think it’s an easy mistake to make, hence why I’m posting it.

See below link.

Also, your point that I should have assumed my mixer was not compatible as it was not linked is a bit redundant considering that x1800 and x1850 are both not listed on that page either. Im a HUGE Denon advocate so am just bringing this up so you can make sure it’s clearer for the next person.

Only one,

Engine Lighting only needs to be running on one player.

We have tested this setup in the office and it works well. Please make sure you are selecting the “Four Deck” setting in the Engine Lighting Perferences.

I also just bought a bunch of Hue lighting which is now useless because i’m not using a denon mixer… but have 2 SC6000’s

+1 for “Standalone use”. I have a SC5000 and an Allen & Heath Mixer and a bunch of hue lights at home. Would be awesome for home and home-parties.

The only venues with hue I saw were some bars, but they didn’t give access to the controls.

I seem to be having a similar Hue problem with Engine Lighting.

I have the full version of SoundSwitch, and also have 2 SC6000’s w/1850 mixer and Prime Go.

My home studio has a bunch of Hue lights, and I have a couple DMX fixtures around my DJ booth area connected up to an ArtNet bridge (Entec).

Using SoundSwitch in performance mode on my Mac, everything responds correctly (DMX and Hue lights).

Using Engine lighting, the DMX lights work great (over ArtNet), but I get nothing out of the Hue lights at all. The bridge is connected, but no lights.

I fired up the Prime Go and configured Engine lighting on that too, but alas, nothing out of the Hue lights either.

I tried to power cycle the Hue bridge, re-paired the SC6000 with the Hue bridge, ensured only one SoundSwitch was running… for me only the desktop software is working.

Hi All, just a quick note to inform you that we’ve fixed a number of these issues in the latest v2.0.1 update.

More info here: Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ


I give a try. Yesterday I was playing a bit with enginelighting and Philips Hue on my Prime 4 and was a little mess. Controls doesn’t respond as expected, so many buttons on screen don’t know for what they are or doing nothing. Confusing preference panel.

Where I can download an operational manual of engine lighting for EngineOS? I don’t found anywhere on the website.

Thanks for keep improving it… just need a little push to be a great complement to EngineOS :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

A lot of comments here, so I apologize if I’ve missed this topic already, but I have found that my Philips Hue lighting only reacts to one deck when synced. So when I turn the volume mixer down on Deck 1 let’s say, the lighting will dim and eventually fade, although a track I mixed in on Deck 2 is still full volume. Any suggestions or quick fixes for this issue? Thanks!