Nudge issue Denon SC Live 4

Regarding Denon SC Live 4 Fully updated New Vinyl mode on Nudge sensitivity low

When beatmatching, and using the right hand side platter ( only right side ) to adjust the beat using nudging, the SC Live sometimes, not always, reacts like i am doing a backspin or something like it while nugging. Its not consistant with the same type of moment. ( e.g. left to right / up down ) so i cannot tell a pattern. This is messing up my mixing and offcourse very annoying because that is not the way it supposed to act. Happend with different songs and different parts of differents songs so again, no pattern.

Short video uploaded so you can see the issue. This is offcourse not the way i beatmatch but was the easiest way to capture the issue on video.

When i turn the right platter i hear a sound like the platter makes contact with underlying parts at some parts of the turn. On the left platter, no sound at all.

Hardware issue? Please need you advice / help.

In the video i noticed the the platter seams to be a bit wobbly, is that normal?

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On the video it looks like the platter picks up you hand when you put it back above the platter?

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On second “0” i move the platter, from second 1-2 the platter nudges. From second 2 the backspin part starts. So no touching of the platter after first touch.

Vinyl mode is on?

If so is that not just normal behaviour of ‘nudging’ the top of the platter like it seems you are doing? dont you only touch the side with vinyl mode on and not the top?

Its hard to see exactly what you’re doing on that video because of the angle.

Yes vinyl mode is on.

I am not touching the face of the platter. Only the ring. And just after 2 seconds after touching, the back spin starts. First it just nudges.

on second 2, i go back for another nudge, but then the issue happens. So no touch at that moment.

When you say ‘ring’ are you talking about the silver ring around the platter?

Personally on a media player I would only ever use the actual side (the bit with the dots on a turntable or those finger grooves on most other devices) to nudge the platter back and forth, id never use any part of the top for that purpose.

It does look on your video that you are still touching some part of the top surface.

Thank you for your reply. And again i am not touching the platter at the second reach to the platter.

It sounds like a possible hardware issue then, your retailer should be able to exchange it with it being so new.

I think it registers it as a “touch” even if you hover over it… incorrectly yes. Make sure you don’t touch anything when powering ON the SC Live. It should calibrate the platter’s sensitivity. Maybe our fellow “Dutchman” @NoiseRiser can chime in for this one.

How does the normal track nudging go? Because this is kinda like a backspin type of ehm nudge. :wink:

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Tx Reese, didnt touch anything on start up and problem stays. New video to show i do not touch the top of the platter only the side. Its handels the nudge like it would when i would touch the top of the platter with vinyl mode on. With added delay sort of speak. My hand is away from the platter as the backspin starts.

If it’s a grounding problem, you could try in another house. Then again, it should work where you want it to of course.

Maybe it’s good to get it to the retailer regardless. Try the same there and/or let them exchange the unit. Did you buy at Bax or?

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Check, Bax Rotterdam. Any experience on returning items to them?

I had some grounding issues on another socket, where i couldnt use the right platter at all. Switched to another socket and the problem was gone. Could this be a grounding issue too? I also have an RX2, but no issues with grounding on any socket with it.

Is there anything that can cause a static buildup? Like synthetic clothes, carpet, or non shielded speakers near by?

Defined this looks like a ghost touch from the times of first SC5000’s. I never experienced ghost touch on my Live 4. Are You touching the platters during boot up sequence? Did restart of the device help in any way?

I had a ‘grounding issue’ on my prime 2 that was repaired by Denon so I think in your case you need to speak to the retailer, it’s well in warranty.

Could be static, but then again, my Prime Go and RX2 do not have these issues. Not touching the platter during startup, and restarting does not solve the problem.

Grounding issue is less to occur in Live 4, as the grounding cable does not go to the device, but only to PSU, that is external. Then You have a generic 12V plus/minus barrel connector.

Please try what happens if You touch something metal before touching the platter?

My thoughts now, bring it back, ask for a new one. Too bad, probably need to wait for a new shipment. First thought, i really like the SC Live 4, minus the ghost touch issues offcourse…

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Ah yeah fair point NR :+1:t3:

I’ve seen similar behaviour on CDJs before but that’s usually when they’re old and hammered, and they have a mechanical switch on top obviously so different issue.