⚠ Notice: Windows 11 Compatibility

Windows has recently released Windows 11, the latest version of their operating system. At this time we’re asking that you please hold off updating until we have completed our tests for compatibility.

We’ll keep you updated via our socials and email. Thank you


Tested on Windows 11 over the weekend.

Works fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Been working fine in Windows11 since Insider Preview became available, but seeing what 2.0 overall did for people… I shall not simply promote it. :relieved:

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Are you able to get Engine 2.0 to open in Windows 11? I was able to get the old version to work fine but 2.0 just crashes at the splash screen for me on Windows 11.

It’s not supported. But I didn’t have any issues opening 2.0

I have windows 11 developer and it crashes in the splash screen

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FYI, unrelated to Engine Prime, but be aware that if you’re on an AMD system and Windows 11 there’s some unresolved stability problems. I believe by … today? Microsoft should have fixed the L3 cache problem and sometime early November or end of this month AMD will roll out patches for their processors.

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been running windows 11 since the first beta release has been ok. the only problem I’ve had since installing engine DJ 2.0 is it sometimes doesn’t save new playlists.

Version 2.02 release today with no windows 11 support. Is this a joke?

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to let you know that our test teams have completed test sweeps and Engine DJ v2.1.0 is now officially compatible with Windows 11. Thank you for your patience.

More info on Engine DJ v2.1.0 here

No go here for windows 11.

Works fine on my windows 10 PC but not 11 Can not find the .Msi file

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The Collection/playlist created on windows 10 can only be viewed in the Drive plane and not engine library. Under windows 11 engine prime cannot recognise windows 10 collections/playlist. Amendments in the drive plane is unrecognisable to engine prime. If there is a work a round Denon needs to publish instructions ASAP,.

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