⚠ Notice: macOS Ventura Compatibility

Apple has recently released macOS Ventura, the latest version of their operating system. At this time, we’re asking that you please hold off updating until we have completed our tests for compatibility.

We’ll let you know once we have completed our testing and officially support the new OS.

Thank you.


How long do we have to wait ?

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Genuine question, as an M1 MacBook Pro owner who is still using big sur. What are you needing on that OS update so desperately that means you have to upgrade now?

I’ve just had a read through on the Apple site and can’t see a single critical improvement that is actually needed. Or is just a case of needing to be on the latest and greatest?


Even if Denon announced Ventura compatibility today, I wouldn’t upgrade till the new year.

…I’ve got too many gigs through December, & there’s no point in introducing an unnecessary element of risk.


Yeah that’s my thinking. Tbh I don’t even use my M1 for DJ work, I have an older one with Catalina on for all that. I do have photo editing software on my M1 and aren’t interested in upgrading for that same reason.

I haven’t taken any notice of this new OS til just now and seeing as how much complaining there is on DJ forums I was expecting some next level improvements, not editing messages and using your phone as a webcam lol.


But what do the users do that e.g. B. updated your system to Ventura before the release of SC2/4 Live?

They can’t use their device.

I think Denon should deliver here in a timely manner.


Hey Everyone,

M1 and Ventura support will be available in our next release. We’re currently in the final stages of testing now and if all goes well, we expect to release in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to update this thread with any new information. Thank you for your patience.


Hello, I’m developper too; mainly in iOS platforms as my job

It’s a shame for your team and your products ; that you don’t support ventura before the official release of the OS. Apple give beta access months ago before official release !

Apple force me to update for using the latest developper tools, and suprise suprise you program doesn’t work ; i mean; you engine application is soo buggy; and give so many trouble; that i have wrote a program myself in js called “mixTools” that extract, save, inject hot cues, loops; delete playlist and restore if needed. Cause we can easly have an error like “database corrupt”, losing hc and loops or having playlist never sync properly from iTunes; and evan worse, songs label shown in red because the file is … not found ! However, using the recent Itunes Library Framework it’s not complicated: you have a location field that doesn’t lie in all ITLibMediaItem … but probably the real problem is how you manage your db.

so, what a surprise, I have to mix soon, I just did the tour of a pretty funky label “Groove Culture”, so i started to sync … oups error ( a new one ? ), ok probably it’s my fault i clear and reformat my hard drive; oh no it’s you fault; so i have no too wait for the next update; but until this; no formatted engine library on my hard drive; thank you !

Did i will wait, well after more than one month to do the job; no … i add a new partition; reinstall an old os; intall one older version of the engine app.

It’s a shame. You product are really cool and i share to my friends; The latest update seem to analyse more quickly songs; cool But even if no operation occur; the power consum by your app is too important; significantly drain battery. I just joined this forum just to let you know how much you just ■■■■■■ me off today. Engine Os ok it works well; but the Engine app…it’s a disaster


Well done for creating an account just to spout this nonsense.

A quick look around Google and I can find warnings from much larger companies who produce much more frequently used software than anything inmusic currently provide. Are you also going to lambast those companies the same way you are here?

You can also head to the website of the ‘industry standard’ DJ gear and they will also have the same warnings, as do the main DJ software providers.

Your comment would be valid if we were sat here as the only people suffering, but we aren’t, so your ramblings are nothing more than that, ramblings.

Again, well done for taking time to create an account just to come here and vent.

By the way, your job title is spelt ‘developer’, something you should know really given it’s your apparent profession.


Any update on this please Denon? Please give us an indication of how long we will have to wait. Communication is key to good customer service. Thanks

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Please please please!!! help us with this asap. :smiley: Cheers!

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I’m also (im)patiently waiting on this. I updated my mac a few days before I purchased the prime 4 and for now I’m using a desktop computer running windows to prepare tracks but I really want to be able to do this on my laptop. Lesson learned I will no longer update OS so soon after release it’s just a bummer because I had no way of knowing ahead of time.

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Please fix the exFat issue! After buying a new m2 MacBook, I want to start using engine on it, but do not want to downgrade the already installed macOS.

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The thing is that new devices get delivered with the new version. They can’t be downgraded at all as far as I know.

There was a closed preview available for half a year prior to release and an open beta a few weeks; Regardless how how you personally deal with updates, you’d expect that “supported operating systems” get “supported” as soon as the vendor flags them as “stable” (as was done in october for Ventura). It’s a shame that the hardware-mass-producing companies let their software development fall so far behind (it’s not only inMusic though).


It says above “a few weeks” :slight_smile:

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I dont disagree with that statement, my concern is more around all these ‘new’ accounts that have popped up to dump on Denon or Inmusic as if they are some kind of outlier to this issue, when in fact its many more software providers who have put out the same warning.

My M1 Macbook isnt even used for DJing but i cant upgrade my OS because i use Capture One Pro for photo editing and they have warned not to update. From what im reading too, Adobe (one of the biggest software companies on the planet) are also in the same boat.

Perhaps lets put some blame on Apple for continually changing the code base of their OS that is causing these issues with long standing drive formats.


Any professional who depends on software for their living knows or should know never to update to a new OS until every piece of software that they depend on works on the new OS, this is especially true in the audio world.


That is a bible in professional stage, light, visuals, audio industry. I know some studios still use specific computers only for the specific software to be running always without issues. Also most professional computer based systems (Media servers, light controllers, mixers) are never connected to wifi/LAN that has access to the internet. This is all done to sustain full reliability on those systems.