⚠ Notice: macOS Ventura Compatibility

I am still with Monterey, no need to upgrade yet. As others have stated, the 1-year major update cycle from Apple is the elephant in the room here. It’s absolutely not needed, barely any new groundbreaking features have been added recently and the risk of broken apps and incompatibilities is considerable, especially during the early x.0 and x.1 version stages. Even Monterey was rather buggy until 12.3.1 / 12.4.

As for new hardware getting bundled with the newest OS, that is true, but only for new releases (and there hadn’t been one this autumn when it comes to the Mac). So all M1 and M2 MacBooks can still run Monterey just fine. Downgrading is possible, albeit a bit of a hassle, though. Since Denon devs announced a release coming soon, I would rather wait a bit, if possible.

To the new users just registering here to rant: grow up. This issue affects Serato DJ and other audio software likewise. If you do your job as a profession, you take that into account beforehand, not when it’s too late.

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Any news here? Maybe a Beta version for MacOS that we can play around with? Just like Serato with their Beta for 3.0. Since the software is pretty much dead on Ventura (can’t import/export anything) - nothing wrong with messing around with a Beta version. And the announcement is over a month old, it is about time that we see some stuff.


Its getting to the point I’ve started looking at the prices of Pioneer DJ controllers. Love my Numark mixstream Pro but Engine DJ is starting to make me wish I hadn’t bought it.

but then you want to get a pioneer controller ! why do you think this solves problems!! it seems to me looking at the pioneer site that they too have problems with mac os ventura !!https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/news/2022/macos-ventura-compatibility/ what are we blaming denon dj for? the others are also at the same level !!

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Denon can be better, Denon can release updates faster, specially with less units on the market (Pioneer has to support more devices that are out there and still get updates). Specially when it comes to critical issues (and Ventura is blocking Engine DJ software from accessing any drive, essentially turning the software into a useless gimmick and preventing anyone from working on playlists etc.). While the Denon DJ hardware is amazing, the software is behind and is not getting updates in time, critical bugfixes are missing for a long time. This is not the way to take over the market and move Pioneer out of the clubs.

There is nothing stopping you manually copying files onto a drive and connecting that to the Prime hardware, once done you can make a playlist direct on the hardware.

Yes I know playlists will not sync back when the update is pushed but the bug is far from making the hardware useless. Perhaps you want to migrate to a Windows machine too so you can avoid further MacOS update issues.

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Hey now, stop making sense to old people yelling at clouds! It’s not nice when they just want to rant :frowning:

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I do use a windows machine at the moment to work with the data, but the main DJ collection was on the macbook and should be on the macbook and it is useless now. Some people want and need to update the software and OS and can’t just be waiting there for years until a critical bug is fixed. Accessing drives and moving around playlists is the main function of the Engine DJ software and we expect it to work. Bugs happen, but how fast they are hotfixed - this is what matters. And it’s about time to release an update, over a month since the OS update is public and they had months before the update rolled out.

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That’s some fantastic mental gymnastics you have put in place to defend Pioneer, whilst also trolling Denon.

Amazing levels of delusion.

Not defending anyone. Denon hardware is amazing but the software was always lacking and it is time to step it up. And if they want to gain market share they have to be faster than Pioneer, have more stable software and just be that little bit better. Personally I am a little bit tired of Pioneer domination in the clubs - while it is nice to have the same gear everywhere, it is boring, kills innovation and prices explode. How do you change it? By having alternatives that are good. And if the software from the alternative keeps breaking, then nobody wins outside of Pioneer. I do own the Prime 4 and few other InMusic devices and wish them more market share but I can’t honestly recommend it if the software keeps breaking. Amazing level of tolerance for critical bugs here, that should have been hotfixed in 1-2 business days after Ventura release.

I use Serato, Engine and Rekordbox simultaneously and cant say that it is any better or worse than any other, the software is fine for what it does, and using Ventura compatibiltiy as a stick to beat it with is just foolish.

I haven’t updated my M1 macbook to Ventura yet and its got nothing to do with Denon, its my photo editing software that isnt supported, im also hearing of issues with Adobe products, does that make them ‘disappointing’ or ‘lagging behind’ or any other concern trolling buzz words we can dream up? or is that just Denon were reserving those words for?

The simple fact is you shouldn’t have changed your computers OS if you have software on it that is reliant on your work, thats day one computer knowledge.


I do work in tech support for an IT/Media company during the day, so updating my software to the latest version (including the OS) and find and report bugs is a part of what I do. We are not required to do it, but it helps everyone to detect early issues and hotfix it. So I got some experience with running the current clients and beta clients often. Critical issues get hotfixed, this is not some minor glitch with fonts or the UI here, the software is unable to access any drives which is a core function of the whole software. And if you throw Adobe into the mix - they are so famous for having unstable software that the whole creative world knows about it. Set the bar a bit higher than Adobe or you end up with crashes and years old bugs that nobody cares about. Denon can do better and provide a nice stable software for the latest OS and drivers, always compatible at release or a couple of days later (it happens that some fixes take time, but not months, we talk days here for critical issues and usually minutes when it comes to server issues!).

What has you working in tech support for a different company got to do with ignoring warnings about upgrading an OS from a software vendor?

You aren’t here to be a defacto user acceptance tester.

Ill repeat, you chose to upgrade the OS on your computer ignoring warnings from the software vendor, whats on you, regardless of what other excuses you want to make.

Im just amazed Denon haven’t offered you and all the other forum warriors a job, given how superior you claim to be over their in house support teams. Criticising from the outside is the easiest job on earth, and you are doing it beautifully.

Working in IT/Support gives someone more insight on how critical issues are handled. I do work in the livestreaming sector, critical bugs can ruin the workflow for a LOT of people really fast. We fix things in minutes to hours (depending on the complexity), not in months.

Giving out a warning that the software could not be compatible (without even providing an exact list of issues) instead of making it compatible is not a solution. As a customer who purchased the product - I expect compatibility and updates on time for the lifespan of the device, until it is no longer officially supported. Just having some more experience with IT and support roles than the average DJ gives me more confidence in actually coming to the forum here and asking why the issue has not been fixed months after the problem was discovered.

I am just amazed how ignorant people are to not ask for hotfixes for critical issues and instead just trolling people - yeah do not update, the compatibility patch might get released for Xmas. Or next year. Deal with it. This is not the way for a huge manufacturer to ignore critical issues.

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Yawn, the only one trolling here is you, whining like a baby.

It never ceases to amaze me the levels people will stoop to in order to deflect blame away from their own incompetence.

Keep crying, and ill keep using my Macbook with zero issues to do the important work i need to facilitate my DJ gigs.

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Except that sometimes the compatibility problem does not come from the software, but simply from the OS which blocks certain functions and then an update of the OS solves the problem (like a security update for example).

I had a problem with my Paragon NTFS software for Mac, the software worked fine from Mojave to Catalina, then an OSX security update prevented the software from working and the software developer was blamed Paragon and they tried to make a fix but the problem was still present we had to type lines of code for it to work and this each time the Mac started, it was painful and frustrating.

Then several months later… Apple releases a security update and there, miraculously, everything is back to normal.

How mount comes out before having a stable and efficient OS ???

Remember the big problems with the arrival of OSX El Capitan with all its changes and the most important change was the management of coreaudio, which was a mess for several months, even for a year! If not more!

So, is it the fault of software developers like Serato, Traktor and others???

NOPE ! we had all these problems because of APPLE.

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you know if I were a denon dj developer, reading certain criticisms I would enjoy making those who criticize wait even longer !! so maybe instead of continuing to find something to say they would go back to pioneer!! then they would go to the rekordbox forum to complain because even there it is still written not to update! but they don’t feel entitled to have the solution immediately! this is an absurd claim! I, the owner, update when it’s time to update, not when one feels like sentencing just because one believes oneself to be superior to the others!


Hey Stu,

I do not want to go into the discussion on when we as Denon customers may expect updates to deep, except for saying that quick updates will improve confidence in the company and products. But honestly I find the style of your reactions here far to personal and arrogant. Maybe you want to re-read your comments and ask yourself how it would feel to be the addressee of those? Marcel

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Its not personal, or arrogant. Silly comments deserve harsh responses, especially when people making silly comments double down on their silliness rather than accept they made the mistake.

The fact is, the company aren’t ready to support a new Apple OS, alongside many other companies. The company have also informed their users of this issue and asked them not to update the OS for the time being.

People have chosen to ignore that and now create an account on the company’s forum to label them a disgrace, alongside claiming they themselves would do a better job if they were in charge, also labelling anybody who thinks different as a fanboy apologist, thats the definition of arrogance.

For my part, as long as all my software remains compatible and works perfectly, I do not change OS. Why migrate to another OS just released, when everything works perfectly??? However I have a second SSD disk which I use as a test for very recent OS see beta or I test my software that I use fluently.

But in no case, I will install an OS just released with my software that I use professionally, I would wait until a version 5 of the OS is available, to possibly consider a possibility of migration.