⚠ Notice: macOS Monterey Compatibility

Apple has recently released macOS Monterey, the latest version of their operating system. At this time we’re asking that you please hold off updating until we have completed our tests for compatibility.

We’ll keep you updated via our socials and email. Thank you


Any news about compatibility yet?

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Hi! Is there any news yet?

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Any news about compatibility yet?

@Johndee @roopo: Did you get any mail or checked the socials?

No, I have heard nothing at all. I sent messages on Facebook but didn’t get a reply.

Last mail I got was like above. Then there’s probably no news yet… :wink:

Patience is a virtue.

I’m sure it will come, one day.

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Hello All, I juist got a brand new Macbook Pro M1Pro. Do we have any news about compatibility?

Cheers, Renato


Same here. Fucked up my whole library…unbelievable this takes forever…but not only speaking for Denon.

We can listen new tracks, add tracks to Library but when we drags tracks to playlists, they do not show there. URGENT FIX!!!

Whats happening? Is Monterey soon to be confirmed? The competition just announced that it works for their system.

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Just attempted to call Denon technical support (401-658-5766 ext 2, 4) during business hours. This is the third time over a 1 week period I’ve attempted to contact them via phone support. No matter which extension I try, I receive this annoying girl’s voice stating that “it’s either after business hours, or a peak call volume”. I couldn’t even leave a message because their voice mailbox was full! Is it just me, or does Denon DJ customer support S-U-C-K???

Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to let you know that our test teams have completed test sweeps and Engine DJ v2.1.0 is now officially compatible with macOS Monterey. Thank you for your patience.

More info on Engine DJ v2.1.0 here

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