Not very diverse

I recall stating some time ago that there does not appear to be much from Denon showing Djs outside the House genre using their gear in promo materials.

It still seems to be the case, Pioneer dropped a video of a young lad doing a hip hop routine now if I am young and want get into djing and I see another kid doing this I will take note of what they use (even if the equipment is too expensive at the time) my point is to me at least Denon is for the house djs all the promo the content relates to house music (that i have seen). Nothing for Dnb, Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Reggaeton, Reggae etc why is this Denon? I am sure if you asked the community there would plenty djs who could do a promo mix for those genres and others.

In the UK as an example there is a small event called Notting Hill Carnival. I believe this year alone over two million people went lots of music plenty of Djs an opportunity to get Denon into areas they typically don’t same could be said in the Reggaeton and Hip Hop world.

I get House is arguably the main scene but after being in this community for over three or so years I do not feel there is an understanding on Denon’s part to reflect how good their gear is for djs who don’t just play house music. It is a missed opportunity especially when Denon has been the brand pioneering streaming an opportunity to show how different djs may make use of this.


Check out the video that JFB did on the sc6000m’s. Definitely showcasing hip hop and DNB. A few years old but still very relevant.


I honestly believe the company see Rane as the brand to cover that area of the DJ market, rather than Denon. Rightly or wrongly I think that’s just how it is.

What annoys me is there is no middle ground 2 channel mixer between the Rane and the Numark Scratch. I’m in the market for one right now and the DJM-S5 (with all its caveats) is looking like the only viable option out there.

Yes its a good vid but as you said it was a few years ago now possibly the most recent was Dj carlo

Could be right on that one Stu for me as a Denon user I just want a bit more a variety

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Same, to be honest after looking for a 2 channel mixer recently ive realised just how poor the selection is. The DJM-S7 is literally the only mixer that has what I need, on board FX, class compliant sound card, but it’s £1400.

The S5 has effects but they are Serato only so you can use them on Vinyl but only with a laptop plugged in. Rane mixers are out of the question, cant guarantee continued support and they cost far too much for the features.

Rane 70 is class compliant.

1349gbp and in stock with getinthemix


Still way over my preferred budget though. The S5 is like £650. That Rane 70 costs more than my Mastersounds :slight_smile:

There’s this:

Xone:23C | Allen & Heath

It’s class compliant, dvs ready and has a send/return for external effectors.

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Yeah I looked at them, used to have a 43c and didn’t like it though.

I’m pretty much finalised on the S5 as I can plug it in to the existing USB cables I use with my Flux at home then wire it up with a single cable at gigs.

The other option is wait till next year and see if anything else is due out.

DJM-450 is not class compliant?

No definitely not, that would have been my mixer of choice but it’s locked into RB only and needs a proprietary driver to work.

Are you sure?

Looks like it has specific drivers for Mac OS, this would imply it’s not?

It’s not class compliant.

Too bad they don’t make ‘‘em like they used to.

I think the x600 was the best all around 2ch mixer. Here’s a screen shot using it with Traktor on windows. I’m using dvs with Traktor fx post fader via the mixer send/return. Also the mixer fx section is mapped to control and select Traktor fx

The send and return on the mixer has 3 modes. Internal fx which can receive midi clock bpm, external fx s/r mode and usb s/r mode all post fader too.

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Since it has a setup guide for VDJ my point is that it is not locked into RB and that you can use it with any open DJ software.

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Ah yeah that’s a fair point, but it won’t work with phones and tablets is the issue :frowning:

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I wouldn’t call Nothing Hill Carnival a small event. I think it’s one of the biggest free outdoor events. :blush:

But I feel the same, not only with Denon, but in general. The same with online tutorials. 99% off all music production, beat matching and other music related tutorials are about making house music or uses house music as examples.

Also I often feel like the beatgrid analyzers of most of the dj software is only being tested against house music.

What makes you say that? My hip hop and breaks folders are two of the most accurately analyses in my collection.

I had to be more specific, house music, hip hop etc with strong down beats.

But I’m more in Latin music and other traditional music.

Most of the time I think I have to manually adjust the beatgrid of about 25% of the songs.