Not all tracks showing BPM

I’v only just got the mcx8000 and loaded about 20 tracks to a usb stick, not all tracks show bpm and iv followed instructions on this forum for using engine to analyse the tracks then saving them to the usb stick but theyre still missing the bpm

Strangely before I loaded 2 tracks i made myself 14 years ago and the bpm shows up on both, the tracks not showing bpm are new tracks

Are you using the old Engine v1.5 or the new Engine Prime software?

If you are using the new Engine Prime software, is MCX8000 compatibility turned on? Are you explicitly pressing the “Export MCX8000” button?

Can you try re-analyzing and re-exporting the tracks (don’t forget to delete all “*.DDJMEMO” files).

I don’t have the 8000 anymore but if I recall correctly, the only times BPM didn’t show up for me was when the tracks were not analysed/exported through software and I had to find them via the folder structure.

Edit: I also found this which might be worth a look Mcx8000 not showing bpm

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Hi there,

As above, ensure you are using the latest Prime version.

Add tracks and pack them to the external device, analyze them. Select the “grid” column in Prime and make sure all the tracks have a dot in the column.

48k tracks won’t be added but you should get a warning message about this.

Then use the Export to MCX8000 button to update the database.

I have just checked and all my tracks have a BPM in Prime and I selected a few random ones on the MC8000 and they’re OK as well.



You really haven’t given us enough information to go on…

Out of the 20 tracks, when you say “not all” have BPM, how many is “not all”?

What tracks are they? Artist, title, genre? If we know what they are, we can test.

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Thank you for the replies, I’m using Engine Prime 1.3.4 MCX8000 compatibility is turned on but I cant see any export option for some reason

You have to enable it in settings. Should look like this:

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That option is not there on the program I’m using , il try find the option in settings but have not seen it previously

What’s up Johnylee, Check out my reply to another post that was similar to yours. Be sure to take a look at the screen shots: