Mcx8000 not showing bpm

I just put some new songs on my usb and scanned them with engine but when i play them in standalone mode with my mcx8000 it doesn’t show the bpm, this just happened with like the new 8 songs i just added, and one other song out of like 400 songs i previously added. I don’t know why it does this. could some one help me out?

Thanks in advance


Try deleting the Memo Data of those tracks and Re-Analyze them again it might work, also make sure you have ON the Analyze BPM option.

If not,

Try searching the track directly from Engine using the Explorer option and write the BPM directly on the ID Tag your self, then re fresh the info on the Engine browser to see if it shows up.

Engine sees the bpm just fine just not my Mcx8000

I had the same problem with some files.

To avoid this problem. Load your tracks in prime and analyse them.

Do not load them on your Usb yet!

Then put the correct Bpm in the ID3 tag.

After that you can pack them on your USB.

Works like a charm