No VDU Signal Serato DJ Pro

After replacing the MCX8000 last week I thought that would solve the problem of not having a signal in my VDU display in Serato but, it didn’t so I created another volume on my MacBook and installed MOJAVE.

I then reinstalled SERATO DJ PRO and everything is working correctly. The VDU is correctly displaying the signal for recording. I also notice the controller is acting way less buggy. It is functioning the way it should!

Got the same issue you had, only on a windows laptop. It does record though but just no monitoring on the meter.

Try using the dropdown box and pick video and then back to mix in the record choices. Video must be enabled in the setup to have access. That worked for me

@NormD im so happy I found you on a discussion that is still open . I’ve been referring back to your original post about the issue of not being able to record in serato using the mcx8000 . I’ve had the same issue . I have a small pioneer sb3 that I’m able to record in serato without any issues . As soon as I plug in the denon mcx 8000 into serato and pull up the record tab , there is no signal . So with the denon I can mix for fun but not record . One day, before I was aware of the issue , I tried recording a mix that was an hour long . I didn’t even notice the record meter not receiving a signal and just went about with my mix . When I stoppped the recording , I wanted to listen back to what I had recorded and there was no waveform . It was completely blank . It showed the duration of the mix but there was no sound in it . This has been super frustrating … I’ve tried looking into recording using a different software … audacity … which you might know of or have heard of but I can’t figure that out yet either . I just wish it could be easy like it’s supposed to be , which is pressing record in serato on the upper left , then hitting record , stopping it , naming my mix , then saving it, and simply just being able to listen back to it and have a jolly good old time !!

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