MCX8000 not able to record a mix in serato dj pro

When I pull up the record tab in serato dj pro , the level meter next to the record button is blank . All other level meters in serato are working just fine .Other controllers work for recording in serato, but for some reason the output signal from the mcx8000 is not recognized/detected in serato . This same issue was brought up a couple years ago by a user named Norm D.

I’m here to bring up this issue again because I’ve been searching the internet for a solution and am still yet to find one. Also the old post/discussion regarding this issue is now closed . Please if there is anyone out there that has figured this out ,I need your help . You can still look up the old discussion from Norm D on the denon forum. He went into full detail and included a video and photos . He had the exact same issue that I have and prob many others have that are using the mcx8000 controller and are trying to record their mix in serato . I have a beginner level pioneer sb3 and it works without any issues .

It was closed because he found a solution in his other thread (the one you also posted in).

Hi I hope I can help, did you try the tab that gives you the option of MIX or VIDEO? Because when I try to record I always have to use the VIDEO option to activate the signal and then switch back to MIX and it works for me that way.

Norm D

The only option it gives me is mix . I’ve never seen it have two options .

In settings then under the tab EXPANSION PACKS try to enable serato video and then you will have the option to record video as well. Try it out and see if that works