No more out of warranty repairs!

Hello people.

This post is because I am in shock TBH.

I own a Denon sc5000m package with x1800 mixer, After 5 years of ownership both sc5000m`s developed motor issues with music lag when motors were on. Luckily I managed to get them to Denon dj/InMusic brands for repair just before christmas 2023 with new motors in both. My x1800 mixer has now January 2024 developed a clicking earth and relay issue so tried to get a repair ticket to get it fixed and to my shock have been messaged by Denon DJ to tell me the issue is a hardware issue but they are no longer doing out of warranty repairs and to find a 3rd party repairer myself?!

I have bought a set of SC6000M`s in December 2023 with x1850 mixer package so asked if I have issues in 12month once the year warranty runs out would that apply to them and YES you will have to get a 3rd party to repair as Denon DJ/ InMusic brands are no longer doing repairs on products outside the 12month warranty.

I feel lucky I got my SC5000m`s repaired when I did because they only repaired them on 18th December 2023 but would not do it today just a month later.

Anyone else like me thinking this is not good. Will you be buying Denon kit now?

Not sure I will be getting anymore InMusic brands anymore based on the company choosing to do this, I am in UK so not sure if this is global but for me living in United kingdom it is a real damper for their brands.

Also if anyone has insight on how to repair my x1800 mixer or know a great repairer in south UK please let me know.


That’s poor if they aren’t accepting repairs.

I would contact your local retailer and see if they can put you on to anyone, or maybe a local gear rental company, either of those will know who to get in touch with.

That’s the way of universal capitalism. Planned obsolescence and no repairs. Move on to the next “latest and greatest”. It’s sad, horrible customer Service and horrible for the environment.


I’m not sure where you are in the south but TASS near me (just outside Southampton/Winchester) repairs DJ gear. He was going to do my 5000Ms too. Seems like you had the problem where you needed to grease the motors.

Either way, here is the contact:

Oh and he’s an ex-DJ too so has a good idea.

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Not trying to sugar coat it, as it’s probably an indication of a huge warranty ticket backlog and labor being expensive, but I think you might get cheaper repairs from someone else, as InMusic techs usually just want to replace entire chunks of units rather than diagnose and repair much when in-warranty. A blown pair of caps are less likely to get replaced by them than just swapping out the entire board they’re on. Those motors of yours might have only needed re-lubing, but it’s probably faster for them to just swap the motors out.

Some semi official line on this would be great, this isn’t the first thread being posted about this but so far nothing concrete to says it’s absolutely true or not.

Not questioning the OP here but anyone could join the forum and say this unfounded…. So if someone from staff or the company could expand on the matter and then at least we all know where we stand.

If this is true then that is a big concern, when my mixer had an issue i struggled to find a 3rd party repairer typically the shops were well versed on repairing pioneer gear so it would be good to have clarity and for Denon to make clear who are the approved repairers in various regions.

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If they don’t respond then we know it’s true tbh

Makes me cry when I think about how low the service support from D&M owned days have fallen…

It response to is my post true or not, it is true, you can ask them yourself if you do not believe me. As for my mixer issue I believe I have the issue identified as the board at the back that connects to the balanced outputs on back and it is possibly just one of 4 relays on that board not switching on hold. Althouh they will not do a repair they are willing to sell me spare parts. I will update later. I also got the old motors back when they repaired my sc5000m’s so will service them myself and keep as spares as I do believe they just need lubing.

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Yeah your probrably correct

There’s a guide on here if you’ve not seen it already. It’s a really common issue and most people send them off and they replace the motors but it’s about 20 minutes work and a ‘tube o’ lube’. Ooh-err!

To be honest, if there’s an option for repairing it yourself then that’s at least an option. Many companies won’t sell spare parts but some products are now under the “right to repair” act in the EU/UK meaning they have to sell you spares. Unfortunately these aren’t under that category yet but they are expanding it so don’t rule it out. It would be nice to have spares and board swap when we need it. It covers many items but electricals seems to be just TVs at the moment.

Right to repair rules will extend lifespan of products, government says Right to repair rules will extend lifespan of products, government says - BBC News

Sometimes only knowing or repeating a very small part of the real story can be unnecessarily worrying, yet very “headline grabbing”

I’ve just spoken directly to InMusic in the UK.

CURRENTLY …. their tiny repair team at the head office branch (near Farnborough) is only taking in Warranty repairs. This decision, at this one repair dept is temporary and is under weekly review.

InMusic have a large network around the UK of 3rd party, but fully authorised service centres who can process in warranty and out of warranty repairs.


Maybe a pinned thread with a contact list of these centres would help people? we could then easily direct forum users to this to engage with these people and get their gear repaired.


I don’t know what the situation is for the United Kingdom now that they are no longer dependent on European legislation or other non-EU countries. But for EU countries, it seems to me that there is a European regulation that obliges manufacturers of electronic products to supply spare parts for a minimum period of 10 years. Having said that, I can’t say whether this regulation applies to all types of electronic device or just to very specific categories of electronic device.

It’s three posts above :point_up:t2::point_up:t2:. We mirrored the EU and also have a legal right to repair ourselves via official spare parts although this doesn’t cover many items. I’d like to think the way that these are all modular inside could just be a case of ordering a new board should inMusic sell them to us. It would be in their interests to.

It could be a nice revenue stream for them as they would catch the ‘out of warranty’ parts director and not via a service centre.

My Prime Go stopped charging mid-last year. The green light just flashed and it would die if the power was pulled. Although strangely the battery would deplete once the power was pulled, no charge could be added. Once it was flat it did nothing. No charge. Nada. Randomly it started working again and it’s been on/off since although the last time it failed to charge ended that streak of luck. It now refuses to charge or even put a green light on but the unit recognises the charger is in on-screen with the little power logo inside the battery.

It could be the power brick, the charging circuit or the battery. Either way it will cost me to find out and for now I’m running it on power only.

They should just need the service manuals, which InMusic will send them if they’re a qualified tech.

One of the best techs I ever had was a medical device repair guy for a local hospital who also did audio stuff on the side. If a hospital trusted him, my gear was in good hands.


Pretty gutted, just got this news confirmed by my local (Dutch :netherlands:) vendor/Denon Dealer…

I mean, I’m aware that Pioneer DJ also doesn’t offer any support after the warranty period, but at least Pioneer DJ has an enormous eco-system of repair shops.

Curious as I was, I called a few Dutch repair shops that mention “Denon DJ repairs” on their websites. 3/3 explained that they stopped repairing Denon DJ Products all together, due to the low demand for repair and (their words) ‘the complex build of the products’…

Hope it wouldn’t be too difficult to replace a broken cue button yourself. Anyone here (or from Denon) that knows decent Dutch repair partners?

I’ve been Googling for a list of these “non warranty service facilities” as inMusic call them.

There doesn’t seem to be an official list online anywhere. I guess because of man hours ensuring it was updated, when places close etc.

However, plenty of results about places that do electronic repairs of audio kit, including DJ stuff.

Don’t limit yourself by looking at DJ/Musical supply stores considering people are reporting DJ suppliers are not offering out of warranty repairs.

You would be better looking for someone who only does electrical repairs, and technician worth his salt would be able to diagnose and repair most products these days, limiting factor would be parts availability and custom parts.

As an aside, if Denon/In music are not offering out of warranty repairs they should at least release service manuals for the product range.

No - I disagree here, because it’s not for the general consumer to be opening up a complex electronic device and trying to service it. I’m amazed by what I see posted on here sometimes, from people with little to no experience, thinking they can repair the kit themselves.

I think it’s much more sensible to restrict access to reputable trained engineers at approved service centres.

In general, service manuals, circuit diagrams etc are not made available to the consumer by electronics manufacturers.