No more audio output of the pc connected via USB cable to mcx8000 through the latest denon driver on windows 10

Hi, before I was able to hear the audio output of the pc connected via USB cable to the mcx8000, now it doesn’t work anymore. The mcx8000 driver is installed on my windows 10, the software control panel of the driver says that the hardware is connected and that there is a streaming, indeed I see mcx 8000 speaker as windows audio device and I see volume meter working on the property of the device but I can’t hear any sound, also recording input from the mcx8000 to the pc seems to work I see the signal on the recording software. I tried to re-install the driver but it doesn’t fix the issue.

Hi friend. I had that same problem when updating my windows 10 to the latest version, but with the mc6000mk2. After formatting the PC 2 times and reading on the internet that many people have problems with the latest update I have solved the problem without a driver. At the moment I install the driver, the internal sound card does not recognize me correctly. Try connecting it without a driver.

Hi, yes but the denon control panel of the driver says that the hardware is connected and even it says that there is a streaming audio when I play any audio track, also the volume meter of the denon speaker device on windows is working but no audio, the mcx 8000 volume meter is off. It seems that all is working on the pc but the controller is not receiving audio. I don’t know maybe it’s a problem on the pc and not on the controller but all seems OK on the pc, I will try without the driver, thanks.

Perhaps this Windows 10 setting is related?

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I have a MCX8000. I recently just got it and I am still trying to work out the latency bug coming out of my PC. My first gig with it was a disaster. My PC gave me the prompt to start screen when I booted it and I never had that happen before. My driver didn’t connect. I found the next day to go to the device manager and uninstall the MCX8000 driver and let it reinstall automatically. It worked after that but, then it didn’t work the next time I booted so, I went back to the device manager and the next time I uninstalled and deleted the drive completely and then reinstalled a fresh drive that I had downloaded. Now it connects every time. You may need to uninstall the driver completely and then reinstall a fresh copy of the driver.

Let’s try a few things out and rule some things out:

Did you click on the speaker icon on the bottom right and select the volume control for your controller and then try to raise the volume?

Click the windows start and type in device manager and see if there are any issues with the app drivers. It should be under sound, video, and game controllers for the one that you might be looking for…or Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Last thing to check but, might not be necessary. Go to start and type in troubleshoot settings and click on that. Once it’s loaded look under troubleshoot and find Playing Audio > then run the troubleshooter. I have an HP PC and the diagnosis shows me a yellow exclamation point telling me I am using a generic driver. If you see it, I think you can just ignore that. It comes up on both my Laptop and Desktop.

I hope this helps! Hopefully you get it working! Let us know! Good Luck!

Hi, tried all the things you said, problem not resolved, I think if it’s not an mcx8000 hardware related problem, the only way is to reinstall the OS on my pc. Anyway the recording from mcx8000 to the pc does work, only playback from pc to mcx8000 does not work.

I have the same issue with windows 7 did you soled it?