New unit ..........?

Hi I received my prime 4 yesterday and looks pristine but when I turned it on and just going through the settings I noticed Tidal was already logged in and randomly had a pink floyd Track on there (this is before I even knew had to add my own tidal account to the unit. Is this ex demo or why would this rogue track already be on the unit? Thanks

I think you need to contact the reseller. Sounds like a demo or test unit. Although it’s pristine, I would still contact them nonetheless. Ask them wassup?!

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Got this response from retailer


Apologies the case has not arrived, from looking at the notes it seems it didn’t arrive in time to be sent with it.

I will also look into the unit as that should have been brand new but will need to check with the shipping team, so leave that with me. But for now I would suggest signing out of Tidal on the unit as seems like a glitch…

Well if Tidal is active, I would simply use it until it stops, someone is paying for it or it’s an active free period. :sunglasses:

How was the packaging? Were the foils still on the platters and screen? Were the cables and documents still in bags?

Still had the film on the screen no foils on the platters though but was boxed very well and all cables and manuals in order. Just didn’t expect the tidal track which made me question if it was brand new. I’ve now logged out of the tidal acc as I have my own now!


Bessyboo!!! I don’t know about this case why tidal is activated, very strange. As I see your wallet got empty too!!! Enjoy the prime 4 bro.

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I got mine yesterday and had to update it with new firmware to get Tidal connected. It was with v 1.3 or something. Did you recieve yours with firmware 1.4 already installed? If so, that sounds quite strange. As someone else pointed out. Sounds like you got a demo version. :slight_smile: Good luck getting to the truth!

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I’ve decided after much delibriating to reject the unit. Tidal already set up in another account, Firmware already updated, no film on the jog wheels, makes me think this can’t be a brand new unit. Also just spending a couple of hours on the prime 4 I found I don’t actually need all the features and the fact that it is massive! (I did read up on dimensions but seeing it the flesh wow) So I’ve asked for a exchange into the prime 2 unit when it’s released.


Going from p4 to p2 is a mistake imo

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That’s what I think too.

I wouldn’t worry at all about the firmware being up to date. If stock is moving slowly, you can imagine that some prime 4 that’s been in the back of a stock room for months could have old firmware on, but prime 4s don’t sit anywhere for long. So it would be fine to expect the firmware to be the latest.

Films being off the jog wheels, and the tidal account set up - yes, those are two things that would make me ask for another prime 4. I wouldn’t ask for a prime 2 - you’ll be mourning over those lost features daily. Especially if you get into playing extra inputs or dropping jingles/samples from other tracks and layers

Yes I appreciate all your input and yes the prime 4 would be future proof with the extra inputs. The only thing against the prime 4 is the size and I sold all my vinyl many years ago :grimacing: Cdj’s I do own but ideally I want to have everything on hard drives etc so sizing down so to speak In a dilemma :weary:

U know you can whack an internal ssd in it too?

Both Prime 4 & 2 for internal sata drive :+1:t2:

for me you will regret going from 4 to 2 … then you see. The dimensions are not all that different and neither is the weight. Rather get P4 changed with a new one … so much money you spent by now, right?

Ok I’m sending back the prime 4 so have a couple of days to decide on the replacement :+1:t2:

I’m sticking to my advice to you. :wink:

Choose wisely.


What advice Reese? Stay with P4?

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I got prime 2 solely because thought prime 4 was too big and didn’t need all the features of the prime 4 like 4 channels zone out etc. I love my Prime 2 it’s amazing piece of kit and to have the Streaming features built into it is the game changer standalone with WiFi built in awesome go for Prime 2

Of course, but it’s your call. I cannot choose for you.

Hi yes wasn’t impressed with the fx effects at the top of the prime 4 unit (Virtual DJ so much better iE beat grid etc) the sweep fx at the bottom of the prime 4 were good but no idea why noise is a good fx! Couldn’t pre listen too all effects in headphones either. What fx does the prime 2 have?