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Well only real issue I have with the Denon units and probably being picky as Ive came from being a Traktor DJ for years and in my opinion the have the best FX on the DJ market but Denon is pretty new player in the digital DJ market and will only get better and keep adding like they added new FX to there premium mixer last week so I’m sure more will be added into other units and the fact the hardware has a os system in them makes it easier to add more new features as their motto says embrace the future

All You are right except that denon is new to the market… They started producing dj gear way back in 1981/1983… if I remember good. So long history here :wink:

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Yes of I know they have been in the DJ market for many years but I meant as far as software is concerned and incorporated within hardware etc the whole engine and engine prime thing is pretty new and no doubt they have all the expertise when it comes to the DJ world plus the fact that they have now guys on there team that worked with Serato and pioneer DJ the guys at Denon have created something special in the new DJ world and can only get better

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Noise is a good effect when you start to turn it slowly, it is really giving a good effect. If you turn it fast it’s not good at all.

Noise effect is great for artificial scratch as well with fast turning and cutting with a Crossfader.

If you just want to compare FX:

On Prime 2

Echo, Delay, Hall, Ping pong, Auto Gate, Flanger, LFO filter, Phaser, Crush, Roll, Rev.Roll, Scratch, Reverb. Details about it on page 30 of the user guide

  • Prime 2 adds 1/64 beats selectable (Prime 4 goes up to 1/32 currently)
  • Prime 2 adds 16 beats selectable (Prime 4 goes up to 8 currently)
  • Prime 2 adds 32 beats selectable (Prime 4 goes up to 8 currently)

1 sweep FX: Filter

Prime 4 will add:

  • Add Beat Break FX (Pattern)
  • Some different names (Hall Echo vs Hall, Filter LFO vs LFO Filter, Bit Crush vs Crush)
  • FX Frequency to all FX (<60 Hz – <18.2 kHz, All Bands, >60 Hz – >18.2 kHz)
  • FX Frequency reset knob
  • Routable Channel FX (route to FX bank 1 or 2, independent for all 4 channels) vs fixed bank to channel on Prime 2
  • Independent time buttons & parameter knob + button instead of toggling knob

4 sweep FX: Filter, Noise, Echo, Wash Out

There are a lot more differences between the units, like:

  • 4 decks vs 2 decks :slight_smile:
  • Extra top USB port on Prime 4
  • Prime 4 unlocks Serato DJ Pro for free (and is Serato DJ Pro compatible)
  • Bigger (and different) screen on Prime 4
  • Adjustable Display on Prime 4
  • Zone Out on Prime 4 (with adjustable crossfade time) with 2 band EQ
  • Booth EQ
  • Independent mic EQ on Prime 4 vs overall Mic EQ on Prime 2
  • Microphone echo
  • More advanced microphone settings on Prime 4 (talkover control, refined attenuation)
  • 4 full featured RCA line inputs on Prime 4 vs 1 Aux input without EQ
  • Possibility to connect turntables on Prime 4 (phono line switch / grounding)
  • Cue button color matches deck color on Prime 4 vs white on Prime 2
  • Led platter ring (indicating deck color, track end warning optional, on air mode optional) on Prime 4
  • Dedicated Edit Grid button on Prime 4 vs hold Slip on Prime 2
  • Grid marker buttons on Prime 4
  • Bigger performance pads on Prime 4
  • Fader start on crossfader
  • Master limiter in settings
  • Headphone gain in settings
  • Stop time button on Prime 2 vs digital touchscreen setting in Prime 4
  • Track Preview already available on Prime 2 (with preview volume control), but coming to Prime 4

As @Reese said,





Before posting platter problems… remember the foil, remember the foil, remember the foil. :innocent:


Cheers Reese what’s the latest firmware? I have 1.3.2


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