New Traktor hardware incoming

This is probably of limited interest on this forum, but it looks like there’s finally something new from Native Instruments for Traktor.

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I think we are all gearheads, one way or another. :wink:

Edit: Seeing the leaked images, LL can leave Reloop and move to NI. :wink:

Not a midi mixer though, “just” a X1 mk3. And knowing NI they will again ignore the single deck jogwheel controller format in order not to disturb the S2, S3 and S4 sales… they can go have sexual intercourse with themselves for all I care in that case.

They did a survey about 3 years ago to get input for the x1 update. Looks like they finally got around to making it.

Found a video Telegram: Contact @digitaldjing

Yeah you’re right. I had the X1 MK2 before moving to two D2’s.

Looks like an MK3 named X1 N(?).

NI put out an overview video for their new controller. When the X1 was first released NI also mapped it for Serato and included an overlay for it too. The controller became very popular for dvs users cause it was the only thing available them at the time. Serato eventually accessorize it.

They want to recreate the success of the first one but I wonder how when their market reach now does not have the same reach it had back then.

All is revealed on the Native Instruments web site. It’s modular, it’s £259 and you can pre-order.

Here’s the overview video.

Is anyone here gonna buy one?

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I dunno, but those mini controllers just look like they extract the absolute life out of DJing, I couldn’t think of anything worse for me personally.

What are these used for exactly? Is it designed to be used on its own or is it a mixer. If it’s supposed to be used on its own you could just use the laptop itself. Looks too far removed from the player/mixer setup for me.

What I find kinda funny, is that he starts the walkthrough by stating “this controller has more dedicated buttons, so you don’t need to use shift so much anymore”. The rest of the video: “to access this cool feature, you simply hold shift and blabla”. :wink:

The LED visual indicators really don’t add anything imho. I had my old X1 on the NI stand to get it up and in between mixer and turntables. Ambilight gone… They should have used a thin LED bar (if you will), perhaps more to the top of the sides.

Off-topic: nice to see a stuttering Traktor waveform on his computer…



I’m a Traktor user (& an SC5000 owner, hence my presence here), & I can see a use for this. Either alongside my Z2 mixer for small gigs, or in my bag for venues with a decent mixer with soundcard onboard already installed.

Problem is I already own an X1 Mk2, & i’m not sure yet if this brings enough new stuff to the table to justify the upgrade.

Used on its own mainly and I agree… mind you Joris Voorn has been using one for years at some of the biggest clubs in the world so who are we to question it lol.

Most of the mainstream “techno” DJ’s use the Xone K2’s with Traktor.

But most people fail to notice the Model1 mixer and Antelope Orion interface accompanied with it.

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Power plug is new :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hahaha yeah exactly Reese… I think Joris personal rider has the DJM-2000 doesn’t it? or at least he used to.

I feel it’s more like “buy Traktor Pro and get the X1 MK3 for free”.

Don’t know exactly, but Richie Hawtin and Chris Liebing (and others of the Model1 crew) use this hardware. Added by a controller with pads (Ableton Push etc.)

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I still use my X1 mk1. I turn it upside down and put a box where the buttons are and use it as a stand to put my Akai amx on.

If you look at my setup pics carefully you’ll see it getting put to good use :grin:

I love my S2 mk2 though. I think the jogs are the best a controller can have.