New Traktor hardware incoming

Richie also uses Xone k2 controllers.

Yes. I see him as mainstream as well. :slight_smile: Although he pushed technology forward.

Back in 2012 my flat mate was a Traktor DJ and I was a Scratch Live DJ. I had the HC1000S and he had the X1.

I thought I’d give it a go for fun so grabbed the Audio 8 with DVS but never got on with it. I always played with Scratch Live.

Fast forward to 2015 and I got the Kontrol S8 for fun. Loved it but sold it for the MCX8000 when it launched.

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Boy it’s funny how once you go Engine and stand-alone you’re not that excited about anything that includes running anything that has to be hooked up to a computer. :joy:

The only thing that’s really tempted me lately has been the Rane Four. I do really see the usefulness of stems in live situations (not just for mixing) so I’ve been tempted (and the R4 ticks all of my hardware boxes too).

And honestly Native Instruments locking the cool, new stuff behind a subscription isn’t a good look. (And I’m usually a hardcore NI fan).


I dont like all the nonsense that comes with Stems, like the extra strain on your computer, the fact you have to add tracks to a ‘stems folder’ in Serato and also the fact it creates a duplicate record of the track in your music folder. Its hardly the seamless and spontaneous creative tool its being marketed as.

I could only ever see myself using it on the fly to remove a vocal for a quick mix, how do i do that when i need to pre-prepare the track beforehand?.. it looks to me like its mainly useful for these routines that the person already knows what they are playing, otherwise its just another form of bloatware.

Back on topic, i still enjoy the concept of computer connected stuff but i do agree that for playing out with, no laptop is king and i hope it stays as such.

As long as you’ve got a fairly powerful & recent lappy, serato will create stems within a few seconds of loading a track to a deck.

Anything apple M1/2/3 works, you’d be fine!

I am very curious how stems would affect an acapella :smiley:

Its still doing the other stuff though Ian, creating a duplicate of the track in the music folder (which is annoying for people who use other software too) and im talking specifically about hitting the stems button live and spontaneously, reacting to the mix you’re currently halfway through.

yes, poor choice of words, i meant vocals:) edit: apologies NR i misread your comment, yes it would be interesting:)

My old 2012 MBP handles it really well (for its age) in on-the-fly mixes without the need to add to the folder. You can drag it there but it’s not essential.


No, but seriously - if I put a stems effect on an acapella file, I wander how the stems would work. What would get cancelled out, what would stay…?

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Does it still create a new file in your music folder?

It shouldn’t do as a live one. It does tax the system though if it’s a weak computer. You can get dropouts.

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Ill have a play around on the decks this weekend and see what happens:)

My Macbook should be easily powerful enough.

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no it does not.

i use stems on the fly as well.

m2 pro, analyse stems on load is checked on and the macbook stays cool with no performance loss.

2023 14inch Macbook Pro with m2 pro.

I was in Florence this weekend for a family wedding, with the heatwave of near 39 degrees weather. I did not hear the fans of the laptop once, djing with stems/serato and a pair of 3000/DJM900NXS set up.

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Probably the outcome would differ per track but some will likely might be affected

If they’re class compliant and end up having third party integration, I’m all in. Having 5 blank oled screens while connected to other DJ software.

VirtualDJ also can handle stems on the fly, with no files created or folder required. You can do that if you want, but it’s not obligatory.

With VDJ you can also control the volume of each stem separately. Useful if the drums are mixed a bit low or the track needs more bass, less vocal etc.

My main issue with VDJ, there is no skin that compares to the 3 deck stack mode on Serato (or any useful 3 deck mode)… plus when I trialled it, the DVS integration felt sloppy, with noticeable lag between pitch change and representation on screen.

Laptops are gonna fade away soon. The iPads are now more powerful than most spec’d out windows machines and produce barely any heat. Even my IPhone can compete with pcs.

I’m noticing a good number of people flirting with Algoriddim Djay with some even committing to it. ( Dj Angelo, Dj Carlo, Laidback Luke etc). The reason for this I believe is that when you actually use your iPhone/iPad you’ll realize that it’s a good lifestyle to have as a dj. Everything is in your pocket :laughing:

It’s cool to see a new controller from NI but I think it’s probably a bit too late. Stems is on their roadmap but we probably won’t see it until Xmas of 2024.

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A tablet is the natural choice isnt it, 12.9inch screens and ultra powerful. PD ports for charging it from the mixer/controller and you’re away.