New post on instagramm

an hour ago on instagram, there was this story, nobody knows anything? I don’t see any updates so far!!

1.3.4 was released yesterday…

you already knew about yesterday’s update! but the photo of the story and that of engine prime beta with the sinc manager! and a deceptive photo

Must be me, but I also don’t understand what you mean.

  • Release 1.3.4 is available since yesterday.
  • Public beta 1.4.1 with sync manager can be tested for some weeks now.

in the story you see update now, but the photo of the story and that of engine with the sinc manager! so one may think that the update is from the beta version! you understand now ?

Ah. Little marketing mistake perhaps, but I wouldn’t call it a deception.

Users can install both versions; it’s a publicly available beta anyway.

I don’t use Instagram so I cannot confirm your concerns.

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This was again announcing the availability of Engine Prime 1.3.4.

The imagine shown is 1.3.4 (does not show sync manger) and the swipe up links takes you to the Engine 1.3.4 post on the forum.

Not sure why you would consider this to be “deceptive”.

It’s purpose is to raise further awareness around a recent software release.

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