Engine Prime v1.3.4 Now Available!


Hi Everyone,

We’re pleased to inform you that Engine Prime v1.3.4 is now available for download. The team is still working on some bigger features including Sync Manager but we felt it important to issue an incremental update to add macOS Catalina compatibility along with a large number of quality of use improvements in the meantime.

Here are the full release notes:

New Features:

  • macOS 10.15 Catalina support
  • Apple Music app support
  • Add Crate, Playlist, Playlist Folder icons are now located in the browser view of the collection panel
  • Crate, Playlist, third-party collection and folder icons are now located on the left side bar
  • Device Panel can now display multiple devices open at once

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Optimized Serato DJ collection import times
  • Fixed an issue where creating new crates/playlists/playlist folders would not highlight the correct crate/playlist/folder for renaming
  • Fixed an issue where MCX8000 compatibility status was not detected on third-party libraries
  • Fixed an issue where file type would not be shown on first import of third-party libraries
  • Fixed an issue where BPM filter would not display all matched results
  • Fixed an issue where the search box could lose focus while typing
  • Fixed an issue where Engine Prime could freeze when force removing an active audio device
  • Fixed an issue where new Traktor performance data was not collected when the Traktor library was re-imported to Engine Prime
  • Fixed an issue where album artwork that was added to track after importing into Engine Prime would not be updated in the file
  • Fixed an issue where tracks with a BPM value of 125.00 could not be doubled to 250.00
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for underlying elements would show incorrectly when the search field selection box was open
  • Fixed an issue where USB drives would sometimes fail to eject
  • Fixed an issue where Engine Prime could be quarantined by antivirus software
  • Fixed an issue where loading an un-analyzed track could change the sort order
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading tracks from read-only drives
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on Serato library import/update
  • Fixed an issue where tracks imported from Serato could show a date added value of 01-01-1970
  • Fixed an issue where the total time of a crate/playlist could show as 0 seconds on first import
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts that were not working as expected
  • Added a warning message if the default ‘music’ folder is unavailable
  • Fixed an issue where packing a playlist from within a playlist folder from one external drive to another would sometimes fail
  • Fixed an issue where exporting to MCX8000 would fail if the tracks existed only on the destination drive
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar wouldn’t respond correctly during drag n drop to device panel
  • Fixed an issue where some tool tips were not displaying correctly
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements

You can download the latest version from any of the links below.


Good news :+1:t5:

Say one imports a Traktor Library today and add all tracks to EP collection, then, In Traktor add a few new hot cues and loops to a track (or tracks) that is already part of EP collection.

If one refreshes/update Traktor library in EP and imports all tracks again (without removing old files from previous import)

Will the new hot cues/loops be added to EP tracks?

I haven’t been able to achieve this with the Serato import.

And next firmware release ?

@JWiLL thanks for this, Update always welcome. question: what are the bigger features? it would be so welcoming if we could finally see what’s coming - like a rising sun… an idea would be a Feature Roadmap? you know what we want: flex beat grids, intelligent playlist. and my biggest wish is an Track filter system for a letter Library Management … thanks for your Answer.

Hi @mufasa - Yes, it will pull in the updated hotcue and loop changes without having to remove the track from the library. I am checking with the team now to see if that is also possible for Serato. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi @Antchi & @xpander - I am only at liberty to discuss features that have already been announced, that being, Sync Manager. I can confirm there are other big features/improvements that users will greatly appreciate but I cannot specify what those features are or when they will be released.

We promise to inform everyone the moment a new update is available. :grin:

We hope you appreciate all of the effort that went in to 1.3.4 as there was a LOT of backend work so it will feel more solid than previous builds.

Ahhh. At last ! Minor improvements but improvements !

Now we are waiting for major firmware update for prime devices : modify tempo on the device, file management (copy/delete from key to device), clock on screen…

I’ve been using 1.4 beta… should I use this instead?

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Currently using 1.4 BETA on Mac running Catalina, should I use this instead? Also currently in Engine Prime BETA the Internal 1TB SATA SSD drive will not eject/unmount when using the BETA software. The moment you click eject it starts analysing files in the background and fails. I wait until it finishes then it starts to analyse again when I click eject. SSD card and USB are both fine and eject normally… I cannot eject disc from desktop or Disc Utility as says in use. Only way to safely unmount is to shut computer down.

Hi Guys,

You are welcome to use whatever suits your needs. 1.3.4 is has all the same improvements and features of the 1.4 beta but without Sync Manager. If you have adopted the Sync Manager workflow there is no harm in continuing to use that until the official Sync Manager build is released.

I updated from 1.2.2 as I was having problems with your last Beta. I uninstalled everything and installed 1.2.2 today. It was working fine. Once I updated everything was ok as well. Once I refreshed my Serrato library, all my files turned red. I’m using windows 10. What could be happening? Same problem as with Beta.

I don’t think anyone have the mention of this feature add on yet , but to me this is a really strong feature. And really useful - thanks


Good to see!! Gona keep using the Beta version tho… got used to the Sync manager now.

Glad denon is stepping it up bit by bit.

It’s realy apreciated! Never 1 second regret of changing from Pioneer rx2 setup to the Prime 4 setup, only the Prime software is a bit of a dealbreaker for me… but if i remember of what Rekordbox was in the beginningdays & experiencing the progression 'till now … i can imagine EP software will evolve the very same. There are solid reviews and solid realistic requests from the denon community on this forum that will defo show we want to help to make these products almost perfect

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Fantastic update with some good import times with SDJ.

So if we need help, who do we contact? I’ve installed it about 5 times now and it will still not work for me. I put a post here but nobody from Denon staff has responded. I made a video of what’s going on when I update. https://youtu.be/1RVpDYDW1xI is the YouTube link for it. For whatever reason, it’s trying to read from a drive that my music is not in.

Hi everyone, Thank you for this new update, on the other hand I am disappointed not to have a correct analysis of BPM. Example: A song analyzed on rekordbox 132BPM, on engine prime 99 BPM

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[quote=“Schmoutss, post:22, topic:20292”] A song analyzed on rekordbox 132BPM, on engine prime 99 BPM [/quote]d

Yeah that rekordbox can’t even get its name spelt right.

But real, it’s seriously been too long for the fix to firmware and engine to get the bpm and grid and first beat and downbeat and oh so much else. I’m ready to give up on prime , it’s all taken seriously way too long already and still flawed

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I get that frustration, but what did you buy Prime for? I’ve been an early adopter so came from Serato (I’d say industry leader at beat gridding), to Prime and whilst I’ve had to make some adjustments to what how I play, and a little more work off-line, my true playing is barely affected; I can still mix tracks for 2, 3, 4 mins at a time if I want to but more importantly they are as much fun as technics we’re almost 30 years ago. Don’t get caught up on the BPMs and enjoy the lack of a laptop, it’s liberating!!!