New controller for second layer?

New product leak on the horizon? Can it be the second layer controller? Can it also control engine prime preparation? Dual waveform on the SC6000 shows also new Engine OS…

Wow wow wow… this is so cool!


Interesting find!

Where’s that from?

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Maybe the dual waveform is stems in stand alone mode

Digital dj tips


Laidback Luke’s instagram video

Someone just commented that it could be a sc5000, but how could it be with a 6000 platter? Which led me to wonder, could you replace the platter on the 5000m with the one from the 6000m?

Would be interested to find this out. Would be amazing if possible.

Where is the display from sc5000, then?

Blacked out, he thinks. Doubt it though. Looks like a new piece of kit to me

I believe its a new unit of some sorts. Not only is the jogwheel matching the SC6000, but also the selector knobs and the pad-button.

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6000 with a screensaver ?

6000 with something placed over the top of the screen to hide Spleeter controls for vocals, music, drums etc

I am pretty sure there is no screen. You can clearly see the speaker that would otherwise be partially hidden.


A user on another forum spottet the missing pad modes buttons - there only seems to be shift and the two parameter buttons.

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What it might be … ? Any bodies guess ? Maybe a 6000m Rane 12 over elaborate Standalone DVS turntable? Maybe it’s just one humongous rotary fader to keep the boys from the dusty days happy :smiley:

What it certainly seems to be is … another member of the ever expanding standalone Prime family.

What is it now? 10 hardware models and 1 greatly updated Engine Prime software!

Prime Go Prime 2 Prime 4 5000 5000m 6000 6000m X1800 X1850 New thing in the Leaked-by Luke video

Primes hardware count is into double figures !

If it is a controller for the 2nd layer of an SC6000, can we also have a version that matches the SC5000 please? (slightly smaller 5000 size body & Jogwheel)


Goddammit, I hope so!

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Why do you need smaller jog size ??? The sc5000 and sc6000 has exactly the same body size except the screen so this new controller is perfect for both

Jog on SC6000 is half inch bigger

I like it. If I can hook it up to my lonely 5kM then it will be mine.

Looks like it will be one of the first jog wheel controllers to be seen in a long while.

It’s also my very favourite time of the year ‘Speculation Season’

I’m predicting that with this new piece of gear will come some form of pitch/key play. This feature is imminent.

Also I think it might have a small screen on the small tilt above the platter. The main screen will probably be the ones on the jogs.

This will be traktor supported controller out of the box.

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Aye, that was me. Yet, we at deejayforum still wonder why. Maybe the performance pad mirroring the set current function (cue, loop, roll, slicer) of the linked master deck? It doesn’t bring any advantage like for a smaller deck footprint, they’re just missing - so yeah, lots of speculation. No matter what ace you have up in your sleeves this time, I am really enjoying the fresh spirit since 2017, you make great products and competition again, this forum here is very active too, the moderators do listen and are helpful, kudos on that guys, keep it on! Really hope to switch ‘back’ to Denon soon.


I can tell you, they are not missing. :wink: