NAMM 2023 InMusic / Denon?

Please tell me InMusic and (more importantly) Denon will be at NAMM this year. I went last year (mostly) to visit the Denon booth, and was exteremely disappointed to not see them there.

Does NAMM even matter anymore? IMHO the days of a set release schedule are long gone, product wars are over.


A lot of companies use the timing of NAMM to announce new products.

So it still matters in terms of upcoming releases and especially in terms of buying decisions.

I’ve waited for NAMM announcements to decide whether to buy a new keyboard or DJ-Gear.

Even on the second hand market, the price of used dj-gear tends to drop when a newer version or model is announced.

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Product wars are over? Yeah I don’t believe that. Denon could show up and announce a new mixer to rival the a9 or v10, and it would be pretty special. That’s what I was hoping for. I need a mixer (preferably Denon) that has two independent headphone outputs like the v10 and a9. If they don’t announce one soon, I’m buying a Pioneer, as much as I don’t want to.

I agree with every word in your post. I’ll be very annoyed and disappointed if Denon doesn’t show up for the second year in a row, AND doesn’t announce a new mixer. As I said above, if Denon doesn’t announce a new mixer at NAMM or very soon, I’m jumping ship.

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Thx mate.

I would just advise not to tie your DJ needs to a particular brand. Every company brand brings something unique and different to the table. You don’t have to “jump ship”, if Denon doesn’t make an announcement that fits your needs then buy from a company that fits your needs, more than because of the name behind it.

Always look at what you need first, then look at available your budget, and then check out what is on offer in the market. This way you won’t be disappointed :pray:t4:

This year should be interesting at NAMM, I think it’s the first “fully-fledged” NAMM since 2020 :trophy:

I am not seeing InMusic nor DenonDJ nor AKAI nor Numark in this list: Exhibitors :face_with_monocle:

Back in Namm!!


I must admit i do prefer when the lead up to these events used to mean new gear was coming.

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And going to DJ Worx for the scoops. I miss those days.


Yeah its a massive miss for the community in my opinion, i dont blame Mark for shutting it down in the dawn of video media but his reviews and photography were by far the best out there.


I would think NAMM matters ALOT…

If your a manufacturer of a dj controller or any other related product wouldn’t you want to showcase it to the world, spread the word, create buzz around it… drive sales up…

Instead of having everyone talking about what the competition releases (as that’s what everyone will be doing) including myself… I personally rather talk about Denon’s upcoming products.

Denon should at least show up even if it’s just to showcase the Prime 4 Plus and 3.0’s future and other current products. InMusic owns a bunch of other related dj equipment companies. I would show up just to stay in the loop of things. A lot of new YouTube videos will become of NAMM 2023 and Denon Dj should be a part of them.

I really can’t believe there not on the list?? Has this been verified??

Maybe a rep can give a yes or no without giving anything away. :blush:


Try not to lose too much sleep over it, it’s a trade show with a few thousand people attending. In this age of internet information and YouTube, these physical events are far less relevant.

I’m sure if InMusic felt it mattered that much they would attend.


I agree,

A “few” thousand… I wouldn’t lose sleep over it…

Unfortunately that’s not the case and you’re spreading your mis-information as usual and attacking everyone that comes on here that makes a friendly post.

These are the facts. The attendance for NAMM 2020 was 115,000 and in 2021 it was 93,000 and in 2022 it was 46,000. In every case that’s hardly a “few” thousand people.

The attendance starting going down due to new Covid concerns. Not your concerns that trade shows don’t matter anymore because they do.

YouTube videos will always be a great place for reaching out to the masses.

Trade shows like CES / NAMM will always be a great place for those that review the latest gear, want first hands on experience, and work in the industry (where a lot of those YouTube videos come from).

You can read up on these facts for yourself… Unless you believe reading doesn’t matter anymore as well. :upside_down_face:

Have a good day STU-C. You have just insulted everyone that goes to or has participated in trade shows as (once again) your opinion is the only one that matters. :clown_face:

NAMM 2022 in numbers: This year’s attendance figures revealed | Headliner Magazine

NAMM 2021 in numbers: Believe In Music Week ‘attendance’ tops 93,000 - Audio Media International


No im not, the facts are that it looks unlikely that InMusic aren’t attending this show, and they will have good business reasons for it, that go way beyond anything you can fashion up.

Attacking, such an interesting word, it used to mean physically harm somebody, now it means make someone cry on the internet. Anyway, please provide some evidence of where exactly i have done this, quotes and explanations would be great thanks.

The current population of the planet is 7.888bn, so yes, it is just a few thousand, more people attend most Premier League football matches on a weekly basis, despite it being on TV.

Also the latest Crossfader FLX-10 review has 10000 views a matter of hours after release, so already 1/4 of the last trade show audience have watched that video.

Have i? where did i ‘insult’ anyone? in fact id say leaving childish clown emojis at the end of your post is far more of an insult than anything i said above, which says a lot more about your personality than it does mine.

Covid concerns, lol that was 2 years ago and the majority of the world are back to leading normal lives and dealing with it the same way they would the flu. Obviously these Trade Shows don’t matter much to InMusic, otherwise they would attend.

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I wonder what the numbers will be like if they started showing all the 3pm Saturday matches?

It’s more likely to hit the lower leagues than the Prem, most Prem teams usually have a waiting list for seats and sell out their games, but then we already knew they can survive without fans as per the report during Covid (which is scary).

My team’s attendance was down by several thousand last week as it was Tuesday and the game was on Sky, whilst also being -3 degrees and snow showers. Although since the new manager took over it has increased a fair bit so the game was still pretty well attended (22000 or so, cant say for sure as the official attendance is never correct due to counting season tickets whether they attend or not).

The other thing to note, most people who want to watch games at 3pm have one of those IPTV boxes so most of the TV hit has already taken place, making it official might impact a touch more but not massively.

It seems that any importance these sorts of shows used to have for endusers and especially the trade, has either fizzled out or been replaced by smaller nichè covert “dealer days” when ä manufacturer invites their top 10 distributors to their hq, puts on a buffet and shows the top 10 what’s coming up…

Getting an exhibition stand up designed, built and populated on 50 to 100sqm of highly overpriced exhibition hall floorspace costs massive bucks

A “top 10” dealer show-and-tell and some cryptic social media hints, teases and Co-ops with trusted online reviewers is far more cost effective.

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Engine does not like this. :innocent:

Phil Morse said on his stream yesterday that he won’t be going as its too far and these days its easier for companies to ship out half a dozen units to the main reviewers so they can do a detailed review.

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I’d love to see the Engine team present at this years ADE though, as it’s practically the main market all in one place. Fingers crossed :blush:

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The advantage of ADE is it’s also a massive rave up:)

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