My Denon Prime 4 does not see my Laptop as a music source

So I have upgraded the Laptop to the new Engine software and have also upgraded my prime 4 to rev 3.0 as well. The Prime 4 does not see my laptop as a source so I cannot access my library from the Prime 4 controller. Is there something I am doing wrong? both devices are on my home network and both have a strong signal. I have also tried to connect an ethernet cable between the laptop and the controller and it still did not recognize it as a source.

This thread could be of help…

The strange but us not being picked up on the Ethernet.

So it doesn’t ask to authenticate on your computer if you select your computer as a source in the Prime 4 source list?

Have you tried a factory reset? You will have to input any passwords for streaming services again and put back any settings that get reset to default values.

Try connecting the controller to your router via ethernet rather than linking to laptop.

Ok i am doing a factory reset on the controller and it still did not see my laptop complete with the engine software running. The router is too far to connect a hardwire ethernet cable to the computer which is why I was relying on the wireless connection. I was really excited about this feature because I am updating my music on my laptop often and not necessarily the hard drive in my controller. Looking for all suggestions available please as I would like to get this working

Ok I didnt understand ANY of that rofl

Check your firewall settings. Disable it for testing and try it again.

Your Prime and your macbook must be on the same wifi network. Then you open engine dj software on your mac/pc whichcshouldxthen appear on your Prime 2/4, then you click on accept in engine dj software.

If you are on pc, you must disable manual ip adress assigned. It must be auto ip mode

Prime and Windows PC ARE on the same network. Trying to figure out how to disable the firewall

Not sure about the firewall. Check your antivirus (avg,…) Check also your ip address. Wether it is set on auto it is ok. If it is manually set, you will have to enter an address on the Prime itself.

Ok so I seemed to have solved the problem. This issue was with the laptop and turning of the windows defender firewall. that allowed the Denon Prime 4 to see the laptop and I was able to access the files from the laptop

This is an essential post as we can point future users towards this and help diagnose their issues. Glad it worked.

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Sounds like it was more the wifi type as it should be private, make sure its not set to public, if it is change to private and your laptop should show settings>network and internet>wifi>your wifi name> settings should be in there if your W11