Moved files, did I lose my work?

Hello, I am new here and I did a little searching before making this post but I wanted to get some clarification on something. Since I am having a hard time believing what appears to be the truth.

I recently got some SC6000M’s and was really excited to get started. I was always a vinyl dj so did not really have a file system going for my digital music. I spent some time preparing some tracks, setting hot cues, loops, and beat grids. I was having loads of fun using the Denon’s. After a while, I realized I wanted to fix up my file system on my computer and organized all the music into different folders. Boom, everything went red in Engine OS. I reloaded everything into Engine OS and got rid of all the red files. My question is… Did I lose all of the work I put into preparing all those tracks? I thought that the files, although under different directories now, would match up with the file names and retain the work I had done. But that does not seem to be the case. I have not synced anything to my drive that I plug into my Denon’s.

You can use lexicon to find the tracks on the new location and you will be good to go. But unfortunately you have to pay at least one month of subscription to do that.

Look here:

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Moin @intensmile,

phps. may this link assist you a little bit.

Good luck and have a successful workaround.



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