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Dear all, mistake happen as follows:

I just tried to use the sync manager in engine dj (Vers. 2.1.0) and to move one of my three playlists to another folder. Operation started and at the end only the playlist I want to move remained. The other playlists are deleted.

I have some backups on my server, taken from my dayly in use USB-Stick. On my dayly in use USB-Stick all playlists were listed before I tried to move one of the playlists.

I tried to restore the playlists, which past away, from the server.

Unbelievable: In the backup folders are only the tracks listed up, without hot cue’S, loops, and no playlists are shown.

Question one: Is there any chance to revover the playlists? Is there phps. an actual DataBase in the gear (P4)

Question two: What’S going wrong in my backup / restore procedure?

I’m afraid to be right back where I’m started from and so please be so kind as to assist as you can and any assistance in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for your endeavours in this matter in advance.



Hey @BeatMaster - Sorry to hear you’re running into some issues and for the late response. Have you resolved this? I’m not sure if there are ways to recover deleted playlists but I can connect you with a technical support agent to answer your questions. Feel free to DM me your email and phone number and we can walk through a solution a bit.

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Good day to you, dear @Anthony_DDJ,

thanks for the response and your offer, to contact me directly. I found a workaraound for the issue, but let me report on you:

In general I’m missing a workflow description in the manual or on your home page for backup and restore the track files. Phps. inMusic can please be so kind as to write down / create a flow chart for the procedures.

Imo the reason for my specific problem in restoring the playlist was that the USB stick is formatted in exFAT correctly, the hard disk on my server (where the backup files are stored) is formatted in NTFS, so only some basics are saved and the backup is not completely, respectively Engine DJ is not able to read the backup file properly by any reason.

I issued the backup file by a simple copy from USB stick (source) to server (target).

In the meantime I restored as follows:

I copied from the backup file the files from …\Engine Library\Database2\ *. * to the matching USB\Engine Library\Database2\ *.**.

And luckily, Engine DJ recovered the old playlist, hot cues, and loops on the USB, but this is not the actual status and the list is incomplete.

As I made a download file via export as *.csv before the playlist passed away, so I was able to amend the recovered playlist by hand. :innocent:

Your comment is highly appreciated to avoid such struggle in future.

btw.: Is there a way to set the fields in the export *.csv file? My idea is to download all fields from the meta file completely and the user should delete the fields, he doesn’t need.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter in advance.

Have a nice day and brgds from HAM


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