Mixstream Pro - Folder to Playlist

On the Mixstream Pro unit itself, is there any way to add a song newly dragged on to my usb stick, into one of my playlists I already have?

I can’t seem to find a way to do it, when in the folder view I can only load it or add to the preparation playlist, which also doesn’t let me move it to another one. I’m confused, seems like it should be easy!

Edit: I got as far as finding in in the History which then let’s me select it, hoping I could pick a playlist to add to, but it only gives me the option of making a New Playlist

On Prime Go it let’s me drag and drop onto the new playlist after going into edit mode (in playlist window, 3 stripes + pen symbol). Maybe works for you as well.

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thankyou @Paju that worked, they should put it in the documentation!

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