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I’m trying to do what this poster tried to do but I don’t see how to get into “Edit” mode so I can add my tracks from my external drive into my playlists as shown in the attached picture. Please tell me how to access “Edit” mode because the only icons on top of the listed tracks is the one to make the listing font smaller and the one to toggle the sort order for the listed tracks. Swiping to the right will let me load the track and swiping left will allow the track to go in to the “Prepare” queue.

Link to the post

Picture of the tracks on the screen

The poster clearly states that the edit mode is “in playlist window, 3 stripes + pen symbol”.


Thanks for the reply. I’m on the playlist screen which doesn’t yet have any tracks added to it and can see the pen icon they are referencing but there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to navigate my external drive from that screen in order to drag tracks from the drive into one of the playlists.

If I tap the the files icon on the left, I can navigate the external drive but that screen removes the “Edit” icon.

Can you tell me how you are able to load your tracks from your USB drive into one of the playlists without your computer?

Thanks in advance.

Tracks need to be in the collection first, if I’m correct.

Hi Reese,

Does it mean I need to initially use my computer prior to gigs and set up playlists in the Engine DJ desktop software instead? I was hoping everything can be done without my laptop and only through the Mixstream Pro. I can live with using the laptop to set them up that way but, It still would be nice not to need the laptop just to load up the playlists for the gigs.

As I understand it, tracks would be “in the collection” simply by inserting a USB flash drive (etc) into the unit and scanning the tracks, which then creates a database on the drive.

Files appear only in the collection when adding to the prepare list or when added to a deck. All single file actions. Scanning only occurs when loaded to a deck.

You cannot add files from the file browser to a playlist directly.

Hi Reese,

I added a track to the “Prepare” queue, but when I tapped the “Prepare” button, I didn’t see a pen icon button to allow me to add the track into a playlist so it looks like it can’t be done without using the Engine DJ software on my MacBook.

I also noticed that there’s plenty of room at the top of the screen to add an “Edit” button to allow selecting the track so it can be added to a playlist. Looks like I also need to make a request to the developer to add that functionality in.

No it’s only possible make and add to playlists from the collection list.

Using the prepare list, tracks are added to the collection, so it doesn’t cost analyze time.

Loading a track to a deck also adds to the collection, but tracks will be analyzed when doing that.

Hi Reese,


Since I just recently purchased the Mixstream Pro and I’m brand new to Engine DJ, I would like to know if you can point me to a tutorial that targets Engine DJ 3.3 and playlist management in particular? That should remedy all of the confusion and frustration I’m having with my new controller.

Collection and playlist management on the devices is simply limited. Certainly with a bigger library of music, a computer is still needed to do things fast and easy.

Analysis of tracks on a normal computer is way faster of course.

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Hi Reese,

Good news. I found a tutorial put out by Digital DJ Tips and it shows how to do what I was looking to do.

For anyone who gets stuck trying to do what I wanted to do, here’s how I did it.

After locating tracks on the controller I tapped the “Files” button. Next, I swiped the tracks one by one to the left so they would be placed into the “Prepare” queue. It would be nicer if I could select more than 1 track at a time then swipe left. After doing that, I tapped the “Search” button and the tracks where showing up in the collection queue. To get those tracks into a particular playlist, I had to tap the “Edit” button. I saw what looked like radio buttons (They function like a tick box, but they are round). When I “long pressed” one of the selected tracks, they all formed a floating group to let me know I could drag them over to a playlist on the left side of the screen. When I lifted up my finger, it let me know they were added to the playlist. I went out of “Edit” mode and tapped the playlist and the tracks were there.

It would be nice to add another filter in the “Search” screen to allow me to enter a “date added” so it would be easier to select the most recent or a particular date the tracks were added to the collection queue that will go into playlists.

I think you don’t need the search function. Just use the sorting option in the collection view.

Hi Reese,

Thanks. Yes, I can see the collection by tapping either the “Search” button or the “Playlists” button and can sort them by date now.