Mixed in Key into Engine Prime

Hello folks,

I love the players. I love the mixer. I really love the filters.

Do we know when we are going to be able to take the bpm. key and suggested cue points from Mixed in Key into Engine Prime? this would massively help as I’m still digitizing alot of old music. And Mixed in Key does the job, whereas auto analysis on EP does not.

Any idea when integration will happen?



It already reads Key & BPM. Just make sure Auto Analysis is turned off in the the preferences. Engine Prime will read the key if it has been written into the key tag by MiK. BPMs are supposedly read too but after import you must select analyse (NOT reanalyse) and it will use the BPM. Cue points are not imported, not sure why, maybe to do with the way Engine stores them or it hasn’t been implemented in MiK yet.

Thanks AntiStar - hope the cue’s get sorted for the more lazy DJs, like me :slight_smile:


You can import into traktor and then into prime, if you would like to use the mik cues

Serato too…

I got rid of Traktor to upgrade and now I’ll end up buying it again as well as Mixed in Key just to get better info into Prime to work with the most expensive DJ gear I’ve ever bought.

Still… love the hardware. Look forward to the software catching up.


I got everything from initial analysis in traktor pro 3 to analysis in MIK then back into traktor pro 3 and then got all same across and into EP>USB>SC5000M…cue points and all.

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you dont have to buy traktor, just use the 30 min demo… thats what I do to get the tracks in via mik

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I just installed the 2.0 engine and now I don’t care about the cues from serato. I use Mixed in Key and I analyzed the tracks in serato and then from engine I imported the tracks from Serato and they loaded me the cues, but not now. Does anyone know how Mixed in Key can be done and exploited in Engine 2.0. Thanks

You can load your music files to Mixed in Key and then to Serato just as usual. Then close MIK and Serato. Open Engine DJ 2.0 On the left Engine DJ in the vertical bar, click with the mouse on the Serato logo and you will see in the column next to the text Serato Library. Click there with your mouse on the icon which is shown as a round arrow. If you do that, you update the Serato Library in Engine DJ, as usual. When the Library has finished updating, you can choose the drive to which the updated Library should be copied. Finally, you have to re-analyze the directory to see all wavefiles and cuepoint. Good luck.


It has worked perfectly for me following your instructions. Very Thanks you

Hello guys, i have question about this. Turning off the auto analysis, the enginedj will get MIK info, but no getting preview of the track and in that case theres no chance to liste to the music. So to do that it has to be done a new analysis but enginedj. Any way to solve this?

You can still listen to the music of any tracks using headphones and “cue” on spare channel on mixer

Pasha, im talking on EngineDj on Desktop. If you want to listen to music to create playlists you cannot do it. I just dont know if after a new analysis on EngineDj the MIK settings are mantained and only the preview is added or it changes the rest. For what i have tested, the MIK analysis maintains but not sure it thats right

Your post has confused me.

You say you don’t know if the MIK info is maintained, but then you say that you tested and it’s maintained. It’s maintained but you’re “not sure if that’s right”?

I never wondered what analysis (MIK, or Engine) was given. I disabled auto-analyze in the menu, so I assumed Engine would then go to MIK’s original data to use that data. After all, the data from Engine itself had been manually disabled by me and could therefore not possibly be used, because it had not been created. I assume my view is correct, until someone proves otherwise.

I assume what ive sad was confusing. Ill try to explain better.

I’ve auto disabled auto analysis from EngineDJ, so at a first glance when i import musics to EngineDj , they show all the infos previoysly analysed in MIK (BPM, Harmonic, etc). However the preview of music is not avaliable, so you cannot listen to music just passing with the mouse on the music preview.

I tried to make a new analysis with EngineDj on musics already analysed with MIK and for what i’ve seems, non of the values of music changed, so i guess the values of MIK analysis are maintained but cannot confirm for sure. (or that or the EngineDj analysis values of music are equal to MIK) You ask why do a new EngineDj analysis ? Because when you import music to collection with MIK analysis previous done, on EngineDj the preview of music is not shown, so you cannot make a preview of music just to listen and add it to some playlist or so

My personal opinion is that there’s really not much point using MIK just for key analysis when Engine does the same thing. Ditto for Rekordbox, Serato, VDJ, Traktor etc.

I know that MIK gets rated as the best analysis software, and I do have it myself (since the very early days) but I don’t use it any more. I just let the destination software do the job.

None of them are 100% accurate, not even MIK, but as long as you only do the analysis in one software and don’t mix & match, there shouldn’t be any issues when mixing in key.

I’ve not encountered any issues when using the on-board analysis of any software or hardware I use, without involvement of MIK.

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It also happens to me that the sound waves do not appear in the column. The sound waves with cue points will reappear after you re-analyze the missing tracks in Engine DJ on your PC

Yes, that happens.

I just would like to know with only that info missing, EngineDj will only fullfill that info mantaining the rest of infos intact or will rewritte all infos already fullfiled by MIK. I think thats just a thing that EngineDj team can answer