Mixed in Key into Engine Prime

That would be easy to confirm, using a test track.

Depends if the analysis of EngineDj will be the same as MIK. Will try to do some tests. The ones ive did in about 30 songs, the infos already filled by MIK continue the same. But i can only have a conclusion doing the same in several songs

Because your question also concerns me, I have just submitted your question to Mixed in Key. If I receive an answer, I will share it with you (the community).

An update as of 30-07-2022 Big improvement: from ~55,8% (Engine DJ 2.1.0) to ~72,7% accuracy.

Thats a really improvement and that makes EngineDj a much better analyser. When i was on firmware v2, i often see some musics that i had before analyzed with MIK, with huge differences. With that improvements, its possible that the analisyis dont get so different or really similar ti MIK (When know that no program is 100% correct, but still.) But anyway, i would like to see that last question answered.

Here’s the new chart:

Not sure why Spotify is even on there, as AFAIK it doesn’t have key detection, and it’s also not DJ software or a service for DJs.

VDJ being so low also seems a little odd to me, as any music I import to VDJ is analysed by it, and I use VDJ regularly to key mix and don’t encounter key clash issues.

If the whole scale would be shifted in VDJ in equal way, you could still have accurate mixing, but not accurate key compared to anything outside the vdj… I don’t say it is like that, but there is a possibility.

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See third paragraph of my earlier post…

In theory I could do a comparison between VDJ and MIK, but if the VDJ results don’t cause issues then I don’t see any point.

Exactly, I was referring to Your third paragraph.

It does mess with your mind though, as reading those results you’d expect around 60% of the tracks in VDJ to be wrong - implying that the key is not just shifted, it’s mixed wrong/right.

Therefore logically I’d expect more than half of my mixes to be clashing.

The improved performance of Engine DJ just reinforces my earlier comment about MIK not really being necessary. Just use Engine DJ. Save yourself some time. :+1:

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True. I also don’t think that this rating is accurate. As I relay on Engine dj only - no issues with key mixing here as well. I also think, if the key is not correct, can be shifted. But I don’t switch platforms with my denon playlists. What is in engine, stays with denon, what I have in Traktor - stays in Traktor, what is in rekordbox - stays in there… so every time I keep it in one eco system - all is correct. Issues maybe start to arise when You start moving between platforms. Then maybe key A in other softwares can be C and vice versa. But as long as You can mix in key in one platform you are good to go. When Djing, majority of people will use only one platform at the time.

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I wrote to Andy from Mixed in Key and just received his reply regarding Serato database import and re-analysis within Engine DJ. This was his answer.

Hi Jan Thanks for the update!
If you choose to re-analyse the songs in Engine Prime then you might get the results based on Engine Prime’s ket detection. I say might, since I cannot confirm if Engine Prime overwrites existing key entries, and there is no documentation to confirm this or not. However, my belief is that reanalysing will not overwrite the MIK results. Have you tried instead to right click the songs and choose ‘Re-Import Track Information’? This should bring over the metadata without potentially compromising the MIK results.
Also, I noticed you mention using an SSD, is that your computer’s main drive or an external drive? We don’t recommend having songs stored on external drives when using Mixed In Key, that may be part of the issue with waveforms and cues not showing without needing to be re-analysed. I hope this helps!
Best, Andy - Mixed In Key

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We are a few days further in time, where I have emailed Mixed in Key (Andy) and he suggested I uninstall Engine DJ reboot and then reinstall. Having said that, and with the necessary suspicion, decided to follow his advice. And now the Serato crate comes in and the waveforms with the cue points are already placed directly in the Engine library, so no re-installation is necessary. I wonder if this solution will also work in your case.

I thought that the problem with the waveforms and the key would have been solved with my previous solution, but after being able to refill an addition correctly in Engine DJ 1 time, I found that the 2nd addition encountered the same problem again. Really think the problem is with Engine DJ. So for now, there is no solution yet.

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