Mixed in Key cue points - key

Many DJ’s are using Mixed in Key, aka MIK, and I’m looking into the options in relationship with Engine Prime.

MIK can determine the key of the song, the energy level and is able to create up to 8 cue points.

From the MIK notes I learned that the key can be imported into Serato, Traktor and Rekordbox, is it also posible to import the MIK key field into Engine or will engine overwrite it with it’s own determined key.

2: Serato and Traktor can “import”/use the created cue points from MIK, Rekordbox can’t import these or maybe better said Pioneer doesn’t allow this. Would like to know if Engine Prime can import the cue points created by MIK or are there plans to do this?

I know that it is better to create your own cue points but I have a bunch of crates with 100’s songs I have yet to set cue points for, if MIK can set these then at least I have something which is better then nothing and later on I still can imprve the qualitiy of these cue when I touch such a song


Since (I believe) MIK writes the cue points directly to each file as Serato cue points, you could use the Serato import to bring these cues into Engine Prime. Here are the steps to do so and a bit of explanation as to what’s going on for some.

  1. Export cue points in MIK as you would to a Serato collection
  2. Import all tracks into Serato
  3. Open Engine Prime, go to the Serato tab and hit the update button on the bottom left of the screen. Wait until this is complete
  4. Select all tracks in the Serato Library, right click and select "Re-import Track Information. Because this is done from the Serato pane, it will also pull in the Serato Cue points. This will also refresh any id3 tag data, just so you know. Obviously any previously created cue points will be removed/overwritten. This will allow you to keep your crate structure, since the only thing we are importing from Serato are the id3 meta tag data and cue points.

Because this is a big operation, I would also suggest creating a backup of your Music/Engine Library folder by selecting all files within and making a Zip file. That way you can experiment with impunity and have a restore point if you accidentally overwrite some data you didn’t want to.

As for the key, Engine Prime should use the key if it is written in the ID3 tag data. The idea is that if it’s there, it’s assumed to be correct.


Does this work?

It does mate, I do it all the time, you have to get the workflow right though - if you import ID info, before you update the Serato folder they don’t import.

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Thanks mate.

How would you describe the right workflow?

I use iTunes as my ‘main’ library… And every crate I have in iTunes, I manually created in Engine as well.

Do I take the main library folder in iTunes, in to MiK or how would you say the progress is?

If it’s an aiff file, you have to do it in this order (iTunes isn’t needed at all, but I always creat a new folder with those tracks in anyway).

First, you need to open the tracks in serato, and then analyse them. Then you drag them from Serato to MiK, let it analyse, then (don’t know if you have to do this, but I always do) reanalyse again in Serato.

Now open in Engine, and update your Serato library. Once that’s done, you can then just drag them from the directory in Prime, but showing on a Serato, and I to whatever folder you want on Prime. Job done.

Its mp3 files. :slightly_smiling_face: (bout 97%)

Sooo…the first time… could I just take the ‘main’ folder >All Audio< in Serato, analyse them and afterwards drag that particular folder to MiK, analyse there

And afterwards update the Serato lib in Engine, and drag them from the Serato lib (in Engine) to my external Engine HD so that HD will be updated with the Serato/ MiK info instead?

Did I understand it correctly?

I would like the easiest way to update all my crates, subcrates etc. If there is a easy way :pray:

funny to see an old post of mine coming to life again !!

I’m not using Serato but still doing everything on Rekordbox as I’m still not 100% happy with Engine.

My current workflow:

  • put the new files in appropriate folder. on my external drive which is also used with the SC5000.
  • update tags with tag&rename
  • add the files to RB - analyse them
  • drag the files from RB into MiK to add the key info.
  • reload the tags in RB to update the key field.
  • manually create cue/loops.
  • export/create a xml file in RB
  • use Denon Conversion Utility (DECU) to convert the xml to Engine usable database.

Yes my external drive is back up’d both to my PC & NAS. :wink:

hope this helps


Mp3 is a bit easier, you just creat the crate in Serato, drag into MiK, then update Serato crated In Engine and drag from there.

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Thanks Yeltsin

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No worries mate

I’ve tried the last 3 days 2 get this to work, but cant…

  1. Open Serato
  2. Create a crate-structure, matching my iTunes structure
  3. Analyse the different crates in MiK
  4. Export generated Cue-points to Serato
  5. Checking Serato for Cue-points - they are there.
  6. Close Serato
  7. Open EP
  8. Sync the Serato folders
  9. No Cue-points in EP

Any ideas?

Have you looked in Prime, inside the Serato folders, and loaded from there?

Try that, and see if they have the tags (oh, and right-click, reimport track info).

Yes, I have… Point 7 and 8… :thinking:

Have you analysed all the new tracks in Serato, rather than just checked 1 track? TBH I’m at a loss on this now as this workflow works perfectly for me!!

Yes… All 64000 tracks analyzed. I’ll give it another run :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

This is all wrong. Spent $4000AUD as it is on 2x SC5000M’s yeah I know the Engine Prime App is free but next thing I’m doing is spending $200AUD on stuff like MIK and platinum notes…along with all the headf…k regarding intergration of both with Denon Engine Prime. Is Engine Primes Key Analysis and BPM detection still that bad I end up getting duped into spending even more $?

Jesus H Christ if only vinyl records were cheaper so much less of a headf…k and probably just best to take Denon Engine Prime word for it regarding BPM and key info and just play/DJ it by ear. FFS all you need also are 1 cue point(as a reference for when your playing) so then you can see coming up when to mix out of a track and another cue reference on the next track to show you point to mix that in!


What if I wanted to use the cue-points from MIK to save time, how would the workflow or steps change since you use manually created cues? TIA

I know this is an old post but I can’t get MIK cue points into Engine Prime via Serato, following all the instructions closely. Did you finally get this to work?

I’ve too many tracks to manually set cue points and the ones MIK has done for my Serato collection are for the most part a good starting point.

You cant add extra performance data eg Hotcues, Loops to tracks that are already part of EP collection natively

Are you willing to forgo your EP created hotcues, loops, beatgrids performance data?


  • then Try a Serato import to Engine Prime with a fresh database.

  • Back up your current Engine Library by renaming the folder “Engine Library” to “Engine Library” 2021.

  • This folder is usually in computer “MUSIC” folder and whatever drive your Serato tracks are on.

  • When you start EP again, your library will be empty, then add serato database.

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