Missing or Duplicated/Corrupted Metadata (Genre, Comments) after import to Engine Prime

Further to my post about missing star ratings, after importing my tracks into Engine Prime I am finding a few faults with the metadata:

  1. In about 5% of my tracks, from a variety of genres, artists the genre field is completely blank. The genres are 100% populated in other programs. They can also be seen clearly in Windows Explorer “File Properties” -Reimporting does not fix this -Re-analysing does not fix this -The genres of this music that is missing have not been edited recently

In order to attempt remedy, I tried changing the genre of the track in “File Explorer” to “CLASSICS TEST” this resulted in even more strange behaviour, I selected “re-import track information” in EP and it has changed the Genre to “other” and has corrupted the comments which have gone from saying “hit” to a string of numbers. (see images below)

  1. The comments (see also above) are duplicated in certain tracks (I can’t see an obvious pattern, by folder, file type, editing recency etc) for example, instead of saying “hit” it will say “Hit; Hit” as with the errors in the first problem above, these anomolies are not reflected in the file properties or when I view using my media play, media monkey

Is it only where Genre = other that you get the strings of numbers?

No, the genre of that track I changed to “CLASSICS TEST” in file explorer, after reimporting track data EP simply displayed “Other” it also corrupted the comments at the same time.

The tracks with missing genres in EP are from a variety of genres I have stored in my computer. Both File Explorer and my Media manager of choiuce, Media Monkey display the genres fine. More screenshot examples of missing genres below (the comments in these examples are okay)

I am currently installing iTunes and will add my files to the iTunes library to see if itunes has any issues recognising the genres of these files

Update: itunes can detect and display the genre’s and comment data the ENGINE cannot