Star Ratings -Not Loading Into Engine Prime (PC)

Hi Denon Forum. I have anew Denon Prime 4 and have been organising my music on my PC using a combination of Windows Explorer and Media Monkey. The star ratings I have given the files over time are reflected in the metadata on the file, and show up in Media Monkey and in Windows Media Player for each track. However, when I add the music to ENGINE PRIME though, all the star ratings show up as if they have no stars, I can only adjust them in PRIME itself (this does not appear to write back to the original file either) “Comments” and other metadata such as album, artist that can be read by PRIME do appear to flow through (even artwork that was added in Media Monkey)

(apologies I can’t upload images to show this as a new user to the site)

How come this is the case? Is there something I am doing wrong.

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Not everything done in EP is written to the files id tags. EP writes these in its own special database.

I not sure if any other DJ can read media monkey ratings I’m not familiar with that program

EP can read ratings from iTunes and rekordbox I believe

May I propose a Workaround

Write the ratings in media monkey to another column eg label

Eg 5 stars - write #5 4 stars - #5

Or use any other special character

In EP reimport track info to reflect the new label entries.

Sort EP by Label column or search for tracks that have #5

Then select all the tracks with 5 stars - and rate them in EP.

Thanks mufasa, I am already using a similar workaround. Advantage is that I can sync Media Monkey with my phone and review new tracks and rate them while I am out and about, as I say it writes to the track metadata you can see in Windows Explorer (this is also how iTunes works, it writes to the actual file as well, not stores the rating it in it’s own database) I can’t really think of an advantage for not having this, since I am dragging the files directly into EP from Windows Explorer.

Screengrabs in my link:

Thanks. Rich

The Stars are completely lost in the new Firmware. All my ratings are gone.

That ■■■■■, I am having a fair few metadata issues, there is obviously some problem here that needs resolution by the software guys. I have started a thread on lost/corrupt metadata here.