MIDI and External Devices (Drum Machine, Synth, etc)

Problem I want to solve: I want to use the midi out into a standard Roland TR-8 Drum machine. I’ve gone through and tried everything I can think of. I want to avoid using serato at almost all costs if possible :slight_smile:

Watched these videos to try and do the same thing:

  • This does not work for me, and the “not working” bit is reproducible every time:

  • I have the latest firmware on the x1800 (and the sc5000m’s connected to it)

  • (2) SC5000M using the audio cables into the mixer, and connected using the ethernet cables.

  • Roland TR-8 connected via X1800 midi out to TR-8 MIDI in.

  • Roland TR-8 audio out to an external mixer

  • I am using the 5pin midi out

  • Connected to Midi in on the TR-8 drum machine

  • Set external clock on the TR-8

  • Set midi 5pin to on in the x1800

  • FX set to specific channel of SC5000M that is playing.

  • MIDI button on X1800 is on

  • Start song on the sc5000m

  • Midi start sometimes starts the drum machine, sometimes it does not

  • It never changes tempo when I adjust the tempo of the SC5000M

I have tried various combinations of MIDI out to a splitter, directly to the MIDI In on the TR-8, trying something else like a volca device. I am just not having any luck at all.

Is the Ethernet cable plugged into the mixer and where on the mixer is it plugged it. The x1800 does not send grid data but my x1850 does and so far it works perfect.

It took me awhile to figure it out but it works

ethernet from sc5000m to the ports on the back of the x1800 theres 5 ports; one appears to be a crossover port to plug a mac/pc into, but ports 1-4 are where i plug in the sc5000’s. In this case, port 1 is the left sc5000 and port 2 is the right sc5000

how do the ethernet ports impact the 5pin din midi? im not asking to be a butt… it would not shock me that somehow i need yet another thing to achieve this… :slight_smile:

Tempo is calculated for each deck. When you use bpm fx or midi out you have to select the Live deck on your mixer on bpm fx selector. That’s what sends the clock info

and this is working on the 1850? i would hate to have to buy one to solve a problem i am seeing other people working around on an 1800… but i would hate even more to have to use software to solve this issue.

What if he selects the master with the BPM FX selector? Will that work?

I am in the same situation as you, but I want to sync an Akai Force: impossible for me so far. I have some posts about it in this forum

I tried the various combos of masterfx vs channel. no good…

I also have a Force i am wanting to sync, but i thought id try to go with the tr-8 first… simple drum sequencer. should just work.

Not the master Yet. I only tried the send/return to my loop station from the channels I wanted to sample from.

However I found that I have to have good timing with the midi/start button. Also midi out does not respond to pitch/tempo changes from denon prime decks unless you turn off and turn back on the midi start/stop button. Kinda like manual resyncing. However the timing other that is perfect for me

So I’m confused. We have this midi out on the x1800. There are videos of people using it to sync drums and melodies. However, it does not actually work.

The x1850 “works perfectly” except it does not do pitch changes or anything more than stop and start.

Why is there. A midi port on these things if it does not work? A huge deciding factor in buying denon over something else was the midi port. Second was having the pads right on the deck.

There’s a Denon DJ web event today, with Q&A. You could ask them directly.


I record perfect loops in perfect timing with the bpm sent from the x1850 via midi. Changing the pitch or bending it causes it to go out of sync because of a very slight delay from the mixer to the loop station. I correct this by softly working the platter on my 5000m and using my ears :joy: .

However if you had a dedicated master clock then you could sync everything perfectly in timing by simply manipulating the master clock. But as of right now neither the 1800 or 1850 can receive midi bpm, clock or whatever you wanna call it.

Hope this helps

ethernet 1 and 2 it’s the problem i think. In the manual there’s a section about ethernet ports and default assigned layers (and tempo info send through midi i guess). try to using ethernet port 2 for the left platter (layer a assigned to fader 2 and layer b assigned to fader 1) and ethernet port 3 for the right one (layer a assigned to fader 3 and layer b assigned to fader 4).

Looks like i need to actually read the manual. :slight_smile: I usually just read the section i think i need at the time. digging into now. thank you

I did think that was a little strange when I read it (even though I don’t own the mixer!). Users who don’t read it will undoubtedly plug into ports 1 and 2, as it seems a sensible choice.

It would also be sensible to think it didn’t matter which port you used, like a network switch.

That’s how I have it, but if you move the pitch fader, the connected midi device as a slave get out of sync

midi clock 2_jpg Tito if tempo drift push and hold button (47) to send a start midi message and/or the clock time again.

from the manual:

“47.MIDI Send: Press this button to send a MIDI Start message out of the USB port or MIDI output (you can use the Utility menu to select one). The tempo will be that of the selection of the FX ChannelAssign knob. If you change the selection of the FX ChannelAssignknob, press and hold this button to send the new tempo.”

Many thanks @Nbzero for your help, but it really doesn’t work well: if you have ANY external device acting as a midi slave you will see for yourself that after some seconds, the device get out of sync (even without changing the tempo), not to say what happens if the pitch slider is moved.

I owned a Roland DJ-808 connected to an Aira System-1 and both devices were completely synced even if the pitch slider was quickly moved…

I have been trying to figure out this issue for 3 weeks. I have 2 sc5000 and an 1850. I have tried evey way suggested. MIDI out on this system is absolute garbage.

I bought this package specificly to link up to eurorack. Fail…