Webinar TODAY at 19:30 UK time

Nobody seems to have mentioned it on here yet, not even Denon…

DJKit and Denon DJ invite you to Prime Online.

Own a Prime unit, or thinking of making the switch? This is the session for you. Matt Reay (the man from Denon) joins us for a webinar of tips, tricks, features and some PRIME cuts of advice on how to get the best out of the Prime series. If you are a Club / Mobile / Bedroom or any type of DJ, you need to be on this session and be part of the future.

Featuring the brand new SC6000 / SC6000M / Prime 2 / Prime Go / Prime 4 and the latest release of the ever-expanding Engine Prime 1.5 software. Denon DJ are delivering some of the best DJ tech worldwide. This is your chance to dig deeper and ask all the questions you have ever wanted.


This is TODAY guys, from 19:30 UK time.


Is there a recording of this anywhere?

They did say they would put it up. The whole thing was around two hours.

Try the Denon DJ YouTube channel (but bear in mind it is the weekend).

Cool will do :+1:

Nice! I didn’t realise DJ Kit was in Newbury. I passed there the other day as a mate lives there.

I’ll check it out, for sure.

Still no sign of an upload, but I emailed one of the inMusic guys to ask.

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There is a bit here

Yeah, I saw that earlier - but I didn’t mention it because:

a) it’s really poor quality b) it’s only part of the webinar c) somebody at djkit can’t spell :man_shrugging: