Microphone Equalizer

How can i EQing the two Microphone inputs with the Prime GO?


Hi @wahlenrolfc, welcome to the forum!

Perhaps it’s not possible, but we won’t know until the unit is available.

It would be incredibly nice if this unit would allow us to equalize the microphones. A small menu in the controller settings would also suffice …

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Was Jason talking about that in the last stream? If I remember this right, there is no EQ on the Prime GO microphone section. Perhaps they will implement the mic section EQ on the screen in the software?

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Yes Denon crew, can we get some feedback on this please. I’d love to upgrade from my MC6000 but I need to be able to eq the mics and cue the aux channel. These are both critical features for me to seriously consider the Prime Go. Can they be implemented via a software update asap? I emailed your customer support team about this weeks ago but received no response, other than a survey email asking for my opinion on your customer support!

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Well, the product isn’t even available yet. Even if it might be done in software, customer support cannot officially answer the question.

In essence, no is now the answer to your question. It might switch to a yes. It might not.

For the Prime4 there is a feature request opting to cue the mic in headphones. That request is still not marked as “non-achievable”, so almost anything is possible. :wink:

Yeah it last not as though there’s a worldwide pandemic going on or nothink :smile:

It would have been nice if support had sent you a stop-gap message about how they’ll look into it for you. Although The comments above are to be taken into consideration also, most of support teams won’t have seen the new model and they probably won’t get one to get their hands on until all the back orderS are honoured and stock is plentiful.

My guess and it is only a guess, the mic eq will be something that can be added to firmware but the cueing of aux input is critical to you as in you’ll be using 3 channels constantly then you might need to opt for the prime 4 for its extra full channels.

No interest in the Prime 4, it’s the form factor of the Prime Go I’m interested in as it could be a suitable replacement for my MC6000


Hello. has anyone checked if there is a possibility to equalize the microphones?

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Not yet. But many people ask for it so maybe in future update…?


Just chiming in on this. I bought a Prime 2 to use as my main unit and a Prime GO for ceremonies and backup. BUT, I like the GO so much, I returned the 2 and ordered a second GO! The ONLY things I don’t like about it are the inability to disable crossfader (minor nuisance) and that there’s no EQ on the mics. Denon, PLEASE do a software update to allow mic eq in the settings. This would be amazing. Otherwise, I’ll have to shell out cash for a separate mic mixer with eq. I’d rather have the EQ right in the settings of the GO.


Is there a request form filled out for mic eq on GO? If so, add your vote to it. If not be the first to fill out the request form

can’t the crossfader be disabled? are you sure?

the crossfader can be adjusted and disabled. see page 13 of the manual.

The contour can be adjusted, but it can not be disabled. I just looked at page 13 and there’s nothing there about disabling it.

but when you bring it to zero (all right or all left, I don’t remember exactly which side) you disable it.

Really? That would be awesome. I will have to try that when I get home today.

That makes sense really. Anything that goes from one state to another has to have a curve of how effective it starts, how effective it ends, how it behaves between those beginnings and ends of its journey. So there can’t be a “no curve”. The curve adjustment probably just has a “normal” linear 50/50 curve on the middle of “sharp” or “soft”

did you manage to disable the crossfader?

No… but, if I move the contour setting all the way to the right, then you have to move the crossfader almost all the way to the other side before it cuts out, so that helps. A true “disable” feature would be better.

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