Mic gate, even possible in a firmware update

Microphone preamps on controllers are notoriously awful (let’s be real, they suck). I didn’t expect them on my Prime4 to be anything like a hardware mixer. I love the independent “on/off” for each, and was pleasantly surprised by the incorporated gate - since as a DJ I know how to project my voice so that it works well. However, in a mobile DJ/event situation when toasts take place, or anyone other than someone who knows how to use a mic, attempts to use one, that gate is a real problem.

I read somewhere that this is a “known issue” and would be addressed in an upcoming firmware update. I can’t seem to find a post about it anywhere, but I’m wondering if that is even anything that can be fixed, or adjustment added, by a firmware update?

Some are , some arnt.

On some models from other brands, it almost seems like they spent €1999 on a €2000 controller and stopped and thought, let’s add a mic, how much we got left ?

True. It’s a controller, and I get that. I’m not expecting them to be like those of dedicated mixers. I’m just debating whether to go ahead and a mixer to my setup to supplement, or wait (for what appears to be an unpredictable amount of time) and see if it’s possible that a firmware update can actually fix, or provide that functionality, or even if they address it.

Far as I know there has indeed been a lot of debate about this in the forums and the optimal solution is seems would be (in a future release) to have the gate behave in an on/off and choice of levels option.

As far as integrating mics in controllers, I dare say that Denon has always been the one brand that was very in tune with the needs of the (usually mobile) DJ’s using their mics. Many other brands had poor to bad implementations of mic control. So, can’t fault Denon there :-D.

I fully agree with you.

The last (ever!) pioneer all in one that I bought 4 or 5 years ago only had microphone input as an option on one of the music faders. So you were down to 3 music inputs if you wanted a mic

Ironically, I think denon consoles (not fair to call them just controllers any more) have very very good quality mix channels as far as naked mic channels go, but then badly implemented “mic extras” get superimposed on top of that pure signal and make it crap out , like over trigger happy gates and could be better ducking and routing


Solved in firmware 1.5.1. Closing this topic.