MCX8000 Two faults with unit

Screen freeze and now power stuck on as power switch doesnt work. I love the mcx8000 tried contacting denon no reply re -repair options. Disappointed two issues now with my unit. Out of warantie and would consider sending for repair.

Both those things are inherent faults with the MCX8000 and should probably be fixed free of charge.

Its concerning nobody has replied regarding your service request, seems to be a common thing unfortunately.

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Its out of guarantee so prob have to pay for it to be fixed… sadly.

Give them a call. They are normally helpful. The screen freeze was a known defect. You may still get lucky getting it repaired for free. Just ask when you get them on the phone.

Thanks for the advice not sure the number to call them in is there a UK one ?

It’s all on Google :slight_smile: Denon DJ Europe

Unit 3, Nexus Park Lysons Avenue Ash Vale Hampshire GU12 5QE United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1252 896 000

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