MCX8000 Forgotten Again

All I see is Prime updates. History repeats its self. Denon will never fix the playlist history issue of the MXC8000. Shame on you Denon for the bad rap, Shame on me for thrusting you.

3 years with this BS.

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Because Prime is the newest hardware/software. The MCX8000 was before InMusic owned Denon DJ and at this point really should be considered legacy hardware, the future for Denon DJ is clearly the prime series.

The MCX8000 had a good run under InMusic - they got v2.0 with Engine Prime compatibility and several other fixes/improvements, but it wasn’t really up to the task of “true” standalone usage - controller 1st, standalone 2nd.

Probably wouldn’t say that if I were you… that talk should be confined to the bedroom :rofl:


Let’s be honest, standalone use of the MCX8000 is average at best. It’s brilliant as a midi controller and probably over 90 percent of people use it in that way with standalone as a backup.

There are a couple of outstanding bugs but that’s because Denon development is poor and their beta process has holes in it. It’s poor after so many releases it’s not 100 percent working correctly.

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Hello What fault do the clients of the previous owner have, I do not think that is a justification because when you buy a company you also buy the responsibility with previous clients and products, the mcx 8000 has errors (few but it does) that must be corrected and even they do not (due to the disaster in the communication of beta 2.5), what is legacy I do not see much sense since the mc 7000 and 4000 are not only older but inferior and are still considered current because they are good equipment and functional today, the mcx 8000 is a magnificent equipment with the problems of the screens corrected and even more so with an error-free firmware, in fact today for many it is more functional than a prime since it allows quick change between dj or between serato and autonomous something that the prime 4/2 do not have and many of us need



To a point but not really, InMusic could have just started over with a clean slate, and said no more updates for MCX8000 - I think the responsibility only covers providing repairs/warranty etc, take a look at any recent tech buyout by some of the bigger companies for examples of this. You’re just factually wrong there.

I’m not bothering to respond to the rest of your post because there are no substantive points, just someone butthurt because they bought a legacy product and is somehow surprised it’s not getting the same attention as the prime series.

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Interesting read; Legacy.

Errors, faulty firmware what so ever, came with the unit when it was brand new, before they were so called, Legacy.

And before you all jump on me, I’ve been buying Dj hardware since 1988 & Djíng since 1984, I am no Teenager.

No matter who owns the Denon DJ, the brand has to show commitment to support its products în the future, because that’s how you retain your clients, by staying behind your product. The fact that Denon DJ is owned by InMusic doesn’t have to change the image of the brand or its commitment to support their products. By making MCX8000 compatible with Engine Prime software, Denon DJ sent a signal that it will support this hardware in the future and that means improving its functionality also. If you consider MCX8000 a legacy product, then what can we say about the Pioneer CDJ-350 which receives firmware updates 10 years after its first release, although Pioneer DJ brand was also bought by someone else? Now, that’s what I call commitment, good support policy and respect for the customers. Like I said before, no matter who owns Denon DJ, the brand has to maintain and improve its image, by standing behind its products, otherwise just scrap the Denon DJ name and history and replace it with InMusic badge altogether.


S3700 player - Denon Music Manager software

SC2900/3900/MCX8000 - Engine 1.0-1.5 software

SC5000/6000 - Engine Prime software

Anybody here see a pattern? No? You bought MXC8000 that was designed for old Engine software and now wondering why it will not receive new firmware? I have used MCX8000 and it ended up for sale as soon as Engine Prime was released without support for export to MCX8000.

the support is a disaster from the beginning to the present day. The promised and advertised functions were included 4 years later but even thats wasn’t done completely. For me this is the first and last Device from Denon.

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For a model as old as the mcx 8000 it seems that it’s lucky that it’s last firmware program gave it compatibility with new Engine Prime.

Anything that gets added to engine prime software, especially on the input from iTunes and other databases , analysis playlist creation and moving could potentially aid mcx8000 owners for years to come. Better than nothing and hardly forgotten

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Could it be simply because the base OS for that deck, shares many things with the base OS of the newer models Pio released years later? Imo, it’s much easier to include an update for an older deck, especially when their newer models share some the same base software/platform features and operations… and because of that (with some tweaking), one update can easily be implemented to cover a few different models (with certain exceptions to newly added features and/or bug fixes of course).

This reminds me of Apple’s most recent IOS 14 update. That version can be installed on iPhone’s as far back as the 6s, and that model was released in 2015… but even with the latest version of IOS 14, the 6s didn’t get everything the newer iPhone’s got. It was missing quite a few features. There will come a time that Apple will stop supporting that model, and when that day comes (because it will), they’ll likely upset a bunch of people.

But the question is… how long can a company like Apple be expected to support an older product? The same thing can be said for other companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and even Denon.

With Denon, people have been surprised in the past. I remember years ago chilling out and chatting with the old design/OS team from Japan (when they visited during one of the AC DJ Expo shows). I told them that it would be nice to add a couple of Min/Max marker dots to the DN-HS5500’s LCD screen, indicating where the effect was last set to (wet to dry), and it would remain set/remembered even when switching to a different effect, and then returning to original effect that was used. That way a DJ could see where the effect was last set to before engaging it live, and to change it if needed before using it again. I though is was a pretty simple request, and then I forgot about it soon after the show was over. Then Denon surprised 5500 owners and released an update for the deck a year(?) or so later, which included my requested addition. :slight_smile: Of course they also included about a dozen+ minor bug fixes and improvements in that last V1400 update, and that was at the time they were concentrating hard on the newer models. The point is, don’t assume that Denon/inMusic is not listening to you guys. They do, it just that they don’t always come out and say it.

(edit: fixed some spelling mistakes)

That’s exactly what we hoping for, because this is the Denon DJ we know and count on.

I want to be 100% clear here… I never said that they would release an update to address the concern(s) you may have about the MCX8000… just that they are always listening to people when they have an issue with one of their products.

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Why are you talking about new features in MCX8000? Need just fix history issue which Denon cannot fix in any firmware for a years! MCX8000 sold as new AFTER Denon became InMusic. But basic function of any DJ media player still not working even after Denon\InMusic says that this issue was fixed.

When i write through the support form to replace freezed displays Denon just ignored me and not answer! :slight_smile:

Buy and then get out, bastard - this is their policy.

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quote=“vasiliy, post:14, topic:30066”] new features in MCX8000? [/quote]

You’re writing using old knowledge and your words doesn’t take into account developments that have been makes in the last two years. Check the forum posts in the last two years, like I have. You can used search function on forum.

The screen freeze issue is a fix that denon are making free of charge to any affected 8000 inside or outside warranty even today if you need it.

The 8000 had a release of massive updates about 18 months ago with dozens of good changes to mics, searching, effects and was made to work with new engine prime library preparation software instead of the it’s old version of engine software.

Keep trying to make contact with denon service through Corona

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Nitebeatz, Effects of MCX8000 are â– â– â– â– , but we are not talking about that. Engine Prime are working with MCX8000 from end of 2018, not 18 months ago. For fix screen freeze issue i need ship my unit to Denon. For this for i have to fill out a form on the Denon official website. I do it and what happened next i wrote above. At the same time, nobody received messages about the end of support of MCX8000.

That sounds like a good next step.

The history issue of the firmware stands before it was move to Engine Prime. Engine Prime has nothing to do with this. The prime environment with the MCX8000 works great, and the latest firmware works 95% as the 100% should. But to get here lots of customers waited years and ended up selling the MCX and that is not how successful businesses work or should work.

Disappointed customers like me and others that I know will never buy a DenonDj Product again. That soft of thinking is not good for business.

Imagine the odds of getting booked if you sucked as a DJ; maybe you can relate to that.


Count me in.

@JWiLL, @mufasa help us with new MCX8000 firmware. please. I think abandoning a product like that speaks very poorly of InMusic. Please don’t let us down. The MCX8000 is still for sale. it’s a fast drive, so why not make it compatible with ENGINE PRIME 2.1. Please, a new firmware that makes it compatible with ENGINE PRIME 2.1.

Don’t kill the MCX8000.