MCX 8000 Mk2 . . . . . What's on your Wish List?

Over many years I have been tremendously loyal to “Denon”. . . The kit has always been well designed with the DJ in mind but also well-built and reliable and reasonably priced . . Now this said, . . it is also true that I have “now” (the first time with Denon kit) witnessed my own challenges with the MCX8000, with regard to freezing issues in stand-alone on 2 x separate units from New . . Reading DJ forums up and down the country it appears that I’m not alone, and owners of the 8K that are having challenges seem to be extremely frustrated. . So it’s Great News to hear that Denon are working on new firmware for the 8k that (we are told) will put a lot of these challenges to bed.

Now although it’s Not “stand-alone” the release of the New DDJ 1000 from Pioneer taking much of the DJ limelight, I’m concerned the 8K is looking rather like an old temperamental car that keeps having to visit the garage repair or callback upgrades. lol

So taking a birds eye view over comments on forums and social media . . .

It’s been said that most of the challenges are due to firmware & Engine 1.5 (which can be easily upgraded ) But other engineers have said we need a Mk2 as the 8K’s RAM Processor ie: (computing power) is far too small and desperately needs to be upgraded (is this the reasons why the 8K is only a USB-2 controller only ?) DJs have also gone on record to say the screens are too small and they need to be touchscreen. Other DJs have criticised the 8K due to No facility to record the DJs show . . etc . . etc

So here is a Great “Denon Forum” Question : If Denon launched a MCX 8000 Mk2 . . As a DJ what would be on Your Wish List for Change? What would you do different? . . . . Let’s support Denon to create the best “stand-alone” controller ever, as ultimately that’s what we all want. Best Regards Phil James

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Please can we have 2 decimal places on screen for the pitch fader in stand alone mode, it would be most helpful.

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I think it’s probably USB 2.0 as that is what’s most prevalent in the PC market and USB 3 devices have varying levels of success with backwards-compatibility. Also, from materials I was reading last night while researching audio interfaces, USB 2 is more than capable of carrying the required throughput for a single, or even a few, devices.

Top Priority:

  • USB Recording

Next Priorities:

  • 4-channel Engine standalone mixing
  • Expanded bitrate and filetype support
  • More onboard FX (emulate Serato’s ‘3 FX/1 param’ + ‘1FX/3 param’ method)


  • TRS for Booth Out instead of XLR
  • More durable Play and Cue buttons
  • 50% Pitch option (currently 6 > 10 > 16 > 100)

Also --if we’re just wishing here-- Digital Out (TOSLINK) :smiley:

My gf just now: “What is-- X-F Link?”
me: “…I have no idea”


I still have a 8000 with not output so I have not used it yet for a live event.

I would prefer usb c connections, as that is where the future is going.

Two usb for computer connections so that DJ’s can switch out

I would prefer a single bigger display in the middle so that the wave forms can be seen together, or put the waveform display in the center and all other controls still on the sides.

Two XLR mic inputs.

more mic effects.

Also for ep and sc5k please!!

how about an onboard ssd of 2tb so those dj’s with massive collections can store there music on the device instead of external drives …….and more processing speed so no more freezing in any mode ….standalone or pc also able to read and play karaoke tracks I know its not the done thing but sometimes its great to get the party started if nothing else work’s also dvs ready without the need of external sound cards ,and to top the lot of video manipulation so we can use video music and graffics without the need of a pc…………please

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So I thought I’d revive this for the guys at Denon who have no doubt already started work on a MK2 to the MCX8000.

I’d drop my little wishlist here. These are just what will make the unit better for me, even though it’s all subjective.

Firstly… no mirrored layout. For work between SC5000 units this is flipped when using the right hand side. The muscle memory plays havoc here. I was like lightning on the SX and even now (two years after purchase), I’m still hitting the wrong buttons. Please… never again!

On-board track analysis like on the bigger brothers. Yes this will add to the cost but a Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison are super low in price now.

One central screen for stacked waveforms. Having them apart isn’t as user friendly. Yes I started back on TTs on the 90s but we’ve moved on now. It’s something I miss from most of the software’s that are out now.

If not… a beat counter on each deck. Just a double height 1-2-3-4 coloured blocks that show the current beat position on both decks. Then the stacked waveforms could be negated.

Cue button brightness needs to be addressed (but that is a no-brainer so probably is already!).

A storage compartment for a HDD in the bottom with an extra USB port there. It was on the SCS4.DJ from Stanton so thought I’d ask.

QWERTY keyboard support via USB. I miss this from my HD25000 and found a little one works wonders.

Record option to USB. This would be amazing.

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Obviously more FX but add them to the main unit like on the bigger Prime mixer (Pio still do it on their RX2).

4 decks USB.

Drop the echo on the mic channel. A reverb is so much usable (or let us assign our own?).

SoundSwitch compatibility direct from the MCX8000. Ethernet to USB with preprogrammed sequences or loops we’ve uploaded to the dongle. Chauvet do this and it’s very inexpensive and works a treat. Now if that could take the live beat phrase and BPM it’s a winner.

Wide pitch.

The option for the slicer set to 8 beats as opposed to 4 beats.

Memory and storage to allow feature improvements via firmware.

Better legibility of the text on the unit. That orange in the dark isn’t friendly.

That a just a few but the main ones I’d like to put forward for consideration.

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Awesome news for the Stage LinQ function: With Firmware 2.0 it’s finally usable with SoundSwitch. So you can use the ethernet port to connect a computer with SoundSwitch running and playback a timed Lightshow

sorry for the beginner’s question, please someone can I explain how I use the sync button? I can not sync the BPM on my new MCX8000 console

MK2 Wish List or Alternative product Denon MCX6000

2 Channel Faders (this will cater to the majority of users)

1 Screen - big enough, High Res, Touch Screen, Bang in the centre, Waveform (Vertical, Parallel, No phase meter but the tempo matching display)

Super on-board CPU and memory to handle screens and other processes

Normal layout (just like you have two SC5000 with a 2 channel mixer)

Same jog wheel with playhead position indicator or the ring or 7 inch motorized (could be 2 different products)

Full size pitch Fader that is not located too close to the jogwheels.

2 USB ports , 1 with Record option

2 extra USB at the rear to use as a hub

2 USB 3.0 cable ports at the rear for computer hook up, supplied with Type C and Type A cables.

Class compliant

2 Phono/RCA for Hooking up Turntables and DVS support

User adjustable or replaceable X-fader (The Rane Mag 3)

Line fader (Rane Mag 3)

Engine Prime support out of the box, non of this beta phase

6 channel independent FX and more options in standalone.

4 Color FX

Support for all file types that Engine Prime can handle.

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I would wish for no midi functioning —- just HID and just usb stand alone only.

Yes let the music played be from any era but no more hardware should be of the 1980 era years

What about midi clock out for use with drum machines?

Indeed! I use MIDI with my Roland TR8-S, which is sooo 2018… at least they put the old 5-port DIN on the X1800 :nerd_face:

“2 Channel faders (this will cater to the majority of users”

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. One of the downfalls of the 8000 is that it doesn’t even support all 4 channels in Standalone as is. If you want a 2-channel mixer, buy a Pioneer! They make plenty of two-channel controllers.

How about just supporting all four channels? (Or, making a cheaper alternative as mufasa mentions). But NOT just 2-channels on a MCX8000 mkII

Maybe a MCX4000 then in 2 channel standalone.

Like I mentioned in another thread that the Engine technology needs to filter down to beginner/mid range products as well.

A full 4 channel MCX8000 standalone will be nice but most working DJs I know ie mobile/club/bar/corporate use 2 channels. My sampling method is not robust so I shouldnt generalise.

I’d like a 4 Channel standalone us both player.

If you’re still thinking that there’s a market for midi only controllers then make a separate cheap midi only controller for that laptop market. A multi-disciplined model that tries to be a sort of solution for everyone is never going to be able to tick all the boxes.

I do like this idea :+1:. I’m all for pared-down, entry-level hardware. Just not if it’s the only option! Haha. But yeah, a two-channel MCX option would be great for those who don’t need or use all four channels. I think Pioneer has been overzealous at times with their hardware spread but Denon equivalents of their DDJ line would be superb. That is to say, an entry-level USB device (like the DDJ-SB), an advanced 2-channel unit (like the DDJ-SR), an advanced 4-channel unit (like the DDJ-SX), and a pro-caliber all-in-one (like the DDJ-SZ would be if it supported standalone). Just my 1/50th of a dollar.