Master out is not same as Headphone Master out

There are similar topics focusing on the outcome of this reason, but I felt the need to include this in another topic.

The signal that’s sent to headphones is controlled by the Cue Mix knob which mixes the Cue and Master signals. But the problem is, that’s not the actual Master signal. The so-called Master signal that’s fed to cue mix lacks aux and microphone inputs. I understand how this could be beneficial in most settings. But for those of us who use aux input to connect drum machines/synthesizers, it is necessary to listen to the whole master out on the headphone as well. And it’s really ambiguous to have two master signals with different content.

I think adding separate settings to feed mic and aux inputs to the headphone master is necessary. And if these are controlled in software, I don’t think there is a good reason not to do it.

The next level for this feature would be aux cue, but it’s not really related to this subject.


So far we know, that the signal routing in the Prime GO does not let to do it. Because the signal is bypassing the part of the mix, where the CUE is routed. So probably for this to work we need a new device.


Yes, that’s what Denon have told us. The problem was fixed on the Prime 4, but not on the Prime 2 or the Prime Go.

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You have a cue button for the aux input on the prime 2.

I’m referring to hearing the mic in the headphones.

Oh I see. That’s weird that you can’t hear the mic

On prime go there is no routing for that. It’s going straight to the master mix.

So no routing for the aux OR the mics to the cue knob in the master position? That’s strange.

I always thought it meant there was no physical CUE button to assign the aux signal or the mics (like you do with the channels) to the cue knob. But I just found out the hard way that they are simply missing from the master signal on the cue knob.

Why does it say master on the cue knob when it is not actually the master signal?

Yes you are completely right, I also don’t understand why it says master on the cue knob when it’s not the master signal either :frowning:

I have a theory about this.

The Engine OS software on the Prime Go is tied to it’s internal sound card. This is analogous to internal mode mixing in software (like Traktor or Serato) where you are using only a 4 out sound card with a controller. (2 for headphones and 2 for main out). Take that and plug it to an external mixer that has a mic input, aux input and an input for the sound card’s main out. This external mixer has only one output, the main out. The headphone out is coming from the sound card only.

If this is correct than it would explain everything including why you only get the main out on the vu meters. And if this correct then no firmware can fix it.

I hope this was comprehendible.

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I made a feature request. If you guys agree, please vote and bring this (again) to the attention of the Denon team.

Thank you for the explanation. Let’s hope you are wrong :wink: and a firmware update could fix this. :slight_smile:

Denon have already said that it wasn’t possible on the Prime 2 or Go (when it was added to the Prime 4).

EDIT - it was also stated earlier in this thread.

Any workarounds available? To get to hear the aux someway. I want to use a ableton linked drum machine with it. I can do all EQing and volume control on the drum machine itself.

Some people bought a little headphone switcher box, so they could switch between main out (to hear mic) and cue. You could switch between cue and drum machine output.

It’s called a Nobsound Little Bear MC102.

Good idea.

That way I can use the headphone jack out of the prime go, and the headphone jack out from the TR6s or Force or… and use very short cables to connect them to the Nobsound.

Thank you for the info!

Hopefully we all tried to make sense of it for you.

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Yes. Absolutely!

I don’t think you can blend the two signals with this, right?

I am looking at something like this: Vorelec MX-21 Two-Channel Headphone Mixer.

Or this as a passive option: IMG Stageline MMX-31. OR Little Bear MC5

The Vorelec looks cheap & nasty. The IMG is mono. I’d go with the MC5.