Lost ability to put the same track more than once in a playlist

I have couple of playlists that I use to store good mixes, perhaps in groups of 3-4 tunes. I used to use a blank audio file with the name “--------------------------------------” as a separator several times in a playlist so I could see the groups of tunes in there. I just switched over to Engine DJ and this no longer works as I can only put a tune in a playlist once.

Could you either make this a switch in the settings, or just allow repeated tracks in a playlist? I’m sure it’s something that many people use :slight_smile:

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I don’t use it ah ha.

But I think folks want it

It should be optional imo

It actually seems extremely niché. I doubt it’s affecting many people.

I don’t mean necessarily just my weird use case, but I’m sure there are occasions where people want to list the same tune twice in a playlist

There’s another topic about this, they said that they’ll do something about it or something like that since there’s a lot of demand.

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One solution would be to have more than one “separator file” with different “names”.

It would, but I use it quite a few times so it would take too long I suspect. I used to write good mixes found while freestyling down in a notebook, but I found it was better to put them in a playlist so I could access and store them more easily.

There could be a neat feature here to just have a separator that could be put into a playlist as many times as needed. I have also used it in the past where I may have a intro, a couple of complex sections and an outro and I might put these into a playlist and put a separator between them where I’ll freestyle. It’s a useful tool in planning a performance I think. The way I do it is just a workaround; if it were a proper feature then I’d use it.

Oh darn it, I’m using that seperator-file too in some older playlists (legacy Vinyl crates with dividers which were recorded to MP3’s), and just now I realize that Denon probably screwed up those playlists…

So +1 :wink:

I think exactly the same! Why can’t we put a song many times in a playlist?

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tl;dr they’re aware of the importance to some people