Linking 2 SC6000s directly vs to a mixer mixer

I don’t see anything in the documentation that references this and am curious, are there any latency issues when connecting two SC6000’s directly vs to an 1850 mixer? When connected to the mixer and the mixer is connected to the local LAN, does the link signal go through the LAN or does it simply use the mixer as a hub, as if they were connected directly? A friend mentioned upgrading his LAN cables to address link latency issues with his 2000NX2’s and am wondering if that’s real issue or a bit of snake oil?

Its a simple ethernet connection. You can connect directly or through the mixers ethernet HUB.

Upgrading ethernet cables, well, for the distance used, it sounds like snake oil, but it doesn’t hurt either: the included cables are thin compared with some cat6 cable around there…

Also take into account that bypassing the mixer will loose all the benefits of the Engine Link: quantized and synced FX bpm, cue button color matching, on-air player indicator,…

Used the SC6000 with different methods. Directly with a link cable, a switch, a x1850 and countless different lenghts and style of Lan Cables. Even different lengths of Cables for the SC6000, due to the fact that i had not enough from one size and lost the orignal ones. There is no change in latency. Its always the same speed for me.

Upgraded a couple of days ago to thicker, same size cables just for the optics. Sill the same result. You can just use any cable.

We do this when we are using the Allen and Heath mixers. Just connect directly between the decks.