Light fade in manual mode

I’d like to hear from you and see if we’re all interested, to see if Soundswich can implement this feature. When we force from the screen or the control one a color, for example white, I would like it to fade smoothly, as blinding lights do, I normally use white, for my pair type spotlights, they turn on a strong light while I pulse, and they turn off immediately, they don’t fade out, something I would like to see as an option in future versions, do you support the suggestion?

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@REN3MARTIN yea that’s a good idea so you would basically like a Decay time for all of the Performance Overrides is that correct?


correct, when we press the white color for example, that it does not turn off directly, that it has a small fade, thus imitating the effect of blinding lights


Agree. Definitely needed! There are quite a few quality of life features that I hope SS are working on.

More than one Static mode at once is another.