LC6000 w/screen? What do you say?

I would looove if denon makes new type of LC6000 with screen. It would be amazing to use full screens on layer channels. Plus it would give more elegant look on your setup. I would buy it immediately.

Do you like the idea? Would you buy it too?

What do you think??

Please drop a comment, give your opinion, share…

That would probably almost cost as much as a SC6000, so why not just an extra SC6000?


I’m the opposite, I’d like a cheaper and more compact version that operates as a midi controller. Alongside a cheaper line of media players (XDJ-700 style)

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Me too. One of the reasons why I did not buy the LC6000 was the form factor, it is unnecessary bulky for a box of buttons.

Just by having a fold out feet like on the NI D2 this could have been a much more compact unit enabling 2x to be carried in a backpack with a laptop.

But don’t take my ramblings seriously, I’m actually just piissed at NI for not making Denon gear native HID controllers for TP3 since they stopped making hardware anyway…

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Honestly, if they do add support for that i would get an audio interface and use the ‘main out’ for my 3rd channel then ditch Serato and the SL3.

Question though, how is the DVS in comparison to Serato? is it as accurate, i only ask because ive read some ramblings about it not being as good, but like anything ill take with a pinch of salt.

It looks like You guys are talking about a concept like I did back in the days…:


Yep, pretty much that:)

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I think including a small OLED display like on the Rane/Prime 4/X1800 series mixers would be quite nice.


I don’t believe it is realistic concept. A ‘LC 6000 with screen’ would be a SC6000 without a audiocard. The audiocard on SC6000’s is ‘cheap’ compared to the cost of the complete SC 6000. The final price would be almost the same.

Don’t forget about the SOC.

I would be happier to see the aforementioned smaller version of the sc6000. Something using the sc5000 screen with the jog wheels from the Prime4 and a more compact button layout.


Whilst GPUs and CPUs are different, of course, there’s probably a price point of putting a larger touch screen and the internal technology within to run the screen.

Lowest price: LC6000 £530 Middle price: DC6000 (Display and Controller) Top Price: SC6000 £1500

Price wise… there’s about £1000 difference between the LC and the SC so there’s Some good wide, open-ground for a middle device, one that’s best described as “it’s like the LC but it’s got a huge touch screen, so it costs… £xxx more

The only thing is…. There’s probably other processing overheads involved, which by the time those extras are inside, takes the price up to very very close to a full SC though

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true, true, true… it wouldn’t be that cheap for sure

but without all the “4channel line out(2stereo), 2 digital out sound card and 3 x USB, 1 x SD media input along with built-in internal HDD bay”

no wifi, ethernet etc.

it should be cheaper than SC no?

it only needs the lcd screen how much that would be $300?

I think $999 for the new “from the future layer controller” would be an amazing price :call_me_hand::star_struck: :palm_down_hand:

yup! you’ve seen the future long time ago. probably 6 eyes helped to see :milky_way: :vulcan_salute::joy:

And everything to drive/populate that screen internally so it doesn’t have to bottleneck the Ethernet port with rapidly updating visual data.

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Have you considered the 5000m. I’ve seen deals in the US for 800/900 a pair

I’ve considered the standard one as my 3rd deck but they are about £900 each in the U.K. used so definitely not paying that.

I grabbed two 5000M units when visiting the USA (open box) at $399 each. Came back to the UK and they were £900 each. You never know when you’ll find a bargain.


Way more interesting according to pioneers sales :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s probably why they have started to ignore budget lines, people have realised that they can pretty much do exactly the same on those as they can the CDJ-2000s and save themselves 2 large, which impacts sales of their expensive gear.

Yeah this. And that is not even taking the development costs into account. No way this is viable from a business standpoint.

The standalone player on the other hand… very good idea. I have a lot of friends that are buying xone 23 and xdj700 when they want to go standalone.

You mean denon?!

I don’t think so, they just had the concept that in that price range you should buy a controller / all in one. If you dont like that mediocre mixer built in… well youre fckd. That’s were a budget player comes in. and right now people are buying XDJ 700 in that price range. or Gemini, but those are really shite.