LC6000 Pitch Fader and deck Freeze


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The Fader issue all the time, The platter deck freeze 3 times this week

Good day all,

So I’ve been had my LC6K for almost a month and I love it. But two issues that I’ve begun to see start happening three weeks in. Fader, I’ve noticed that I have to always zero the fader in order to adjust the pitch. The big issue, this week the deck itself started freezing, as in the LC6000 will go totally blank with just the platter lit and I will have to unplug the USB and to power it off and re-power the deck back up and plug it in.

Side note: In Serato the deck is fully is still playing but the LC6K will be inactive And I’m using the decks in vinyl mode

My setup 2014 15MBP running Big Sur 16 gigs of ram Serato DJ Pro version 2.5.5 LC6K USB powered of SC5K

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