LC6000 jog wheels not working

Hello, so this is my second night ever using the lc6000 with serato. (Brand new) First night went great. Tonight, after setup was complete. My jog wheels are not responsive at all. Zero scratching/etc. what could be the issue.

I’ve recently sold all my pioneer stuff and switched to the prime series. Please help….

Hello @Djchrislutz17 Welcome to the forum. What do You mean by not responsive? Is it the jog wheel to tight, or is it having a delay in the software? Can You give us a bit more details, and maybe a video of the issue, so we can help You better?

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We’ll id love to upload the video from last night, but it says new users can’t upload….

I’m running 2019 MacBook/ serato works beautifully. It’s only the lc6000 jog wheels. Almost like they are not responding to me touching it. (I used them on Wednesday night, no problems. Last night, wouldn’t respond proper) today in my house, works fine…

Could it be a grounding issue? Last night I tried different usbs/different power cables/ literally everything. Nothing helped. But today I use the same cables and everything and it works great at my house….

I’m so lost lol

This happens a lot when people get their brand new deck and forget to remove the plastic film on the jog wheel

As @Wyley1 asked - did You removed the plastic sticker off the jog wheel?

Hey @Djchrislutz17 - If you feel this is a hardware issue, we’ll be happy to connect you with technical support. Definitely check that the plastic film is removed. That could interfere with the jog wheel response. Also check that your connections are correct. You can see instructions here: Quick Start Guide | Setting up Serato DJ Pro with Denon DJ's LC6000 PRIME DJ Controller - YouTube

If all else fails, feel free to DM me and we can connect you with a technical support agent.

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Yes, most likely. Seems your venue has some electrical issues. Next time it happens you can test by holding something grounded with one hand (like metal) and test the jog wheel with the other hand.

Had that issue with multiple venues and controllers but Denon seems to be the most sensitive to that.

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Lol ya definitely removed the plastic. Been djing 10 years. First thing I did….

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It happens too often though lol.

I have the 5000m and I never took the plastic film off the screen yet.